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Found 2 results

  1. CREATE NEW TROOP T32 CALLIOPE Create the Sherman T32 CALLIOPE would be an equivalent to the katyuska, but we would have it with a city of lv.11 - Remember it's a rocket launcher sherman - If you can give it speed + 150% the same as the artillery has -Game lord choose stats - And also create command cards for him. -This sherman is exclusive to normal cities
  2. If you haven't realized, infantry suck in this game. Infantry has made up the majority of an army's forces ever since war was invented, but here most of the fighting is done by armored vehicles and planes. What really drive everyone to steer away from infantry are these reasons: Terrible sight Terrible damage Terrible speed Takes up valuable space in troop limit However, things could be different There is one resource that is almost completely ignored: Population. Yes, there is a population resource. What if instead of the troop count limiting the size of armies, we have population be the limiting factor? All units already cost population, but if we make stuff like tanks and planes cost way more population (or be unlockable at higher level munition factories), we can encourage people to use infantry. But infantry still sucks. what do we do? We add more types of infantry First, Basic infantry Pretty much the same as our current infantry troop. A bunch of conscripts with bolt-action rifles. Slow marching speed, terrible damage, terrible health, no way to conceal, can capture cities Light infantry Once you get this (which should be pretty early in the game), it will render basic infantry obsolete. Again, a bunch of conscripts, but with better training and equipment. They have stuff like grenades and machine guns. It also has a limited anti-tank ability. Slow marching speed, mediocre damage, mediocre health, can conceal in forest, can capture cities Motorized infantry Essentially the same as light infantry, but moves faster and can tow artillery/anti-tank guns. Fast marching speed, mediocre damage, good health, can conceal in forests, can capture cities. Mechanized infantry Like the motorized infantry, but instead of using half-tracks or trucks, mechanized infantry use modified tanks to do the job. It can also carry heavier guns. Probably unlocked after tanks. Good speed, good damage, excellent health, can't conceal, can capture cities. Anti-Tank Being invaded by a superior force? Tired of dealing with the tanks that you have few resources to produce? No worries, infantry can wreck'em too! Like light infantry, but except rifles for weapons, these guys use PIATs/Bazookas. slow marching speed, excellent damage against tanks but can't attack infantry, mediocre health, can conceal in forest, can't capture cities
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