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Found 17 results

  1. It's now the 17th and still not open
  2. Improvements to the Buildings of the League: Explanation: »It is because when there are many bombers or battleships, the towers and buildings of the league, level 1 or monument, can not withstand that great attack, it is as if there were no turrets and the reach of the turrets against the battleships it's almost zero. »That's why I suggest these improvements : -I want to suggest you add a button to improve the buildings of the city of the league. -That the members of the team and the leader can activate the improvements in the city of the league, either level 1
  3. Hi, so I'm the commander-in-chief of my League, and when I try to convert (turn a city into a league city), it says "You do not have access". What do I do? pls help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. My idea is to set a league matchmaking system based on equal fighting. It have to rule number of league members on the battlefield by creating a system on "level of number". For example of you launch a game with a team of 4 league members you will fall against teams between 1 and 5 members. I think it will stop the felling of a lot of players to play a survival game when you are alone or 2 with a little team and fall against 20 members of a league in the Mondial top 10th. The to paying attention to this post ^^
  5. AugustusAutumn

    Start Teams ?

    Need Help ! My friend and i tryin to start a league team but one of us cant join either on his or on my game and i want to know if league teams are level based or if there is another thing we have to do if we want to start an team game. Greating from Germany
  6. Neighbor territory accepted my league invite, I got a message saying they did, his commander profile shows the league name, BUT, main play screen they still show as hostile and ID doesn't show league name behind the commander name. Can't send league materials and armaments.... Buttons on player territory have the invite still.....what do I need to do
  7. WJR


    As a suggestion to the developers, I feel as if there should be more notification options for everyone. A few examples are: league mail, private chats, etc. to help every commander stay in touch and alert at all times. The notification options we get now are if a city is being attacked or troops/cities lack supplies and so on, but we don't have any options for receiving mobile notifications for chats or mail. My suggestion is inspired by my team's communication and how we live in separate time zones, so we are unable to reply faster unless we are constantly on the game. Hopefully this su
  8. Need a League? Wanna be with me and beast every Battlefield? Join WOGA!
  9. Hi everyone, so ive been playing it recently and ive managed to build a league city. However, i see that there is only 3 new types of land and air forces available to create. Maybe they should add more types, and maybe they could integrate subs into it too because at the moment, there is no naval armaments. Does anyone agree with me and if so im open to hearing your ideas and opinions, because in my opinion i don't think 6 new types of troops is enough for a league city
  10. Calling all Commanders! AmericanCorps is now recruiting players to aid them in their warring cause! We look for these qualitys in a commander for them to join our ranks in our league: Active most of the time and willing to participate in the battlefield Battlefield experience Follows orders Productive Ready to defend fellow league members Donates to the league city( if any ) once a day And most of all, have fun! Those are the qualities of a commander in AmericanCorps Private chat me (LtJJWars) to join
  11. I have seen a lot of 1 player leagues in my battlefield. And I've allied with them and Asked them to join my league. They want to join. But can't leave their league. How is some one supposed to join another league if they can't leave the one they made?
  12. Hello Everyone If you Want a league to start your journey you are Welcomed. We Fight For Glory And Power Come Join With Us And Let Us Fight Like Brothers League Name: Destruction
  13. Ever join a league battle and feel confused and not know what to do? Well of course you do, well most of do, well never fear for I have the solution the Strategy Map. Here's how it work the Comander of a League in a League battle field has a map that they can outline the league strategy in hence Strategy Map. Now you may be thinking "well how will the commander be able to outline strategy?" Or " what good does that do me?" Well I shall answer both of these question to the best of my ability now if have another way please leave a reply. Now then back to business the commander will be able to ou
  14. I'm am in a league of my own (lol) I would like to quit to join another who is asking me. When I choose quit league and then press confirm it tells me "NOT ALLOWED DURING BATTLE" and then nothing happens. I already submitted to contact us section but haven't heard anything.
  15. I'm loving the game. I love the team play in it, I only have a few suggestions to help it along. First suggestion is notifications for mail and private messaging from player to player. I found that when I mail or private message someone while they're offline to update them on anything they don't receive a notification on their phone saying they've been message or that they have mail from me, i think this would really help the team play aspect of the game, maybe adding it as an option in settings like you have with the other notification options. Second suggestion is when your league leaders fo
  16. Keep league in line ------on your own you can develop fast while only in a league you can last long In this battlefield, there are commanders who also shoulder league leaders. They pay much attention to team work so as to gain glory together. Here is an excellent League, Fear, who ranks first in the third battlefield. We interviewed its leader-----Fearme. Part 1: Success belongs to the prepared mind! Peter: How do you manage to build such a powerful league? Are you very strict with applications? Fearme: I start out by setting no requirements just a willing to learn and perfect the game. Also
  17. Would be nice to be able to upload our own picture we want to use for the league instead of the choices we have, and make it more noticeable on battlefield.
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