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  1. Hello All! I'm back making videos again! Please check out my latest video down below and keep checking this thread to see when new videos have been created! (Or Subscribe to my YT to get notified!)
  2. *Disclaimer this is only a guideline, feel free to modify to your own personal game play or even completely ignore, your choice. In the spirit of promoting a more competitive Battlefield, I have decided to place this Guide on how I start every Battle. Hopefully this will be helpful. I am putting this Guide in numerical sequence as to save time; in both me writing, and in you reading...lol. I will give the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) reasoning for each. I will narrow it to only the upgrading of buildings. The following of this format without the use of Gems (barring attacks from enemy players), should keep production in line with upgrading. Understand there are other factors involved with this that are not mentioned i.e. battle level. 1. Enter game. 2. Build Army base.(lvl 1) 3. Build Munition Factory.(lvl 1) 4. Upgrade City.(lvl 2) 5. Build Mini Farm.(lvl 1) 6. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 2) 7. Upgrade Army Base.(lvl 2) Allows for healing of troops. (Refill Tab) 8. Upgrade City.(lvl 3) 9. Build Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 1) 10. Build Turrets X 3.(lvl 1) 11. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 2) 12. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 2) 13. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 3) 14. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 3) 15. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 3) 16. Upgrade Turrets X 3.(lvl 2,3) Increases range from 180 to 250. 17. Upgrade City.(lvl 4) 18. Build Airbase.(lvl 1) 19. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 4) 20. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 4) 21. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 4) 22. Upgrade Army Base.(lvl 3) Allows for expansion of troops to level 2. (Expansion Tab) 23. Upgrade Airbase.(lvl 2,3) Allows for Healing and expansion of troops to level 2. (Refill Tab) (Expansion Tab) 24. Upgrade City.(lvl 5) 25. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 5) 26. Upgrade Mini Farm.(lvl 5 max) 27. Upgrade Mini Iron Mine.(lvl 5 max) 28. Build Commerce Center.(lvl 1) Allows for trading Resources. 29. Upgrade Commerce Center.(lvl 2,3) Allows for shipping Resources (supplying League City). 3 X transports @ 75 load capacity. 30. Upgrade Turrets X 3.(lvl 4,5) Increases Range from 250 to 300(max) 31. Upgrade Commerce Center.(lvl 4,5) Increases to 5 X transports @ 200 load capacity. 32. Upgrade City.(lvl 6) 33. Build Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 1) 34. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 6) 35. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 2) 36. Upgrade City.(lvl 7) 37. Build Supply Factory.(lvl 1) Allows for production of Food, Fuel and Ammo. 38. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 7) 39. Upgrade City.(lvl 8) 40. Build Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 1) 41. Upgrade Munitions Factory.(lvl 8) 42. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 2) 43. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 3) 44. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 3) 45. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 4) 46. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 4) 47. Upgrade Mini Rubber Factory.(lvl 5 max) 48. Upgrade Mini Oil Factory.(lvl 5 max) Let me know any feedback on how this works for you. Good luck and good hunting.
  3. World Warfare Guide By: Waffles version: 2.0 Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Units 3. Buildings 4. Gameplay 5. Expansion 6. Rankings 7. Tactics 8. Battlefields and Events Introduction Hello Commanders and Welcome to the World Warfare Guide. I have compiled this guide not only for the newest members and additions to this great community but also for experienced players that may not know every detail of the game. My goal in this guide is to prepare new commanders for the dangers they may face in their battlefields and to bring to light any feature that even veteran commanders might not know. Before we get started I would like to thank and give credit to Semispaz who compiled the first Beginners Guide to the game. However, due to the recent changes to the game since that guide was created, that guide has become somewhat outdated. That being said I will still be using any and all still relevant information from that guide and adding it to this one. That being said, lets get started on this guide. Units Lets first talk about the most basic and fundamental part of the game, the units. The units in game all fall under 3 categories: Air, Ground, and Naval. At the time of writing this post, the most used units consist of air and ground units. Now lets go over all the units currently in game along with a brief description and a break down of stats at level one. I will also go over how you can obtain or train the unit. Ground Units: - Infantry: - Description: This is one of the most basic and essential units in the game. They have a job that no other unit, besides the Motor Infantry, can do. This unit is mainly used to capture destroyed buildings and to start the pacification process. - How to Obtain: This unit is available at city level one and is the first unit that is unlocked with Army Base level one and Munitions Factory level one. - Statistics: Hit points- 2340 Strong against Infantry and Vehicles and weak against Armor and Buildings. This Unit cannot counter Ships, Aircraft, and subs. This unit also has no defensive stats. - Willy's MB Jeep: - Description: This unit is the basic scout unit. It has a wide sight radius allowing it to perform the same or similar tasks as the Scout Plane. (Later Discussed) This unit is often used at early city levels to provide sight for units. Often undermined by the scout tactic (Later Discussed), this unit is still a good and stable unit for recon at early levels. - How to Obtain: This Unit is available at City level two and can be made in Munitions factory level two. - Statistics: Hit Points - 1620 Strong against Infantry. Moderate against other vehicles and weak against armor and buildings. This unit cannot affect Ships, Aircraft, or Subs and has a 500 defensive stat. - Panzer III Tank: - Description:
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