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Found 2 results

  1. so I searched through the game file and found immense amount of unused units such as kv-1, DANG LANCASTER, Japanese units which ARE in the tutorial and so much more... so I thought to myself because I'm a frequent traveller I will be likely on a plane every few weeks or so... and this game is literally on the top 2 best strategy game (topped by the battle academy series) thus I really would appreciate it if we have something I don't know like a offline campaign or some sort? or perhaps make a new game based on this game that is offline to prevent oversizing... anyway historical campaigns and all different nation unit will be in it... how you suppose? this campaign may be the basis of the new game mode I suggested the other day ; GLOBAL WAR 1930. so that the whole process they might get into making GLOBAL WAR 1930 will not be so tiring and wasted... if you would like to know more about GLOBAL WAR 1930 do visit the post
  2. So I've contacted the developers and here is a copy of what I wrote with a few minor tweaks here and there... major tweaks actually GAME MODE : GLOBAL WAR 1930 GENERAL the new game mode will use a map of the real world in 1930 or later - OPTIONAL : instead of a table it be a globe The game starts out in the year 1930 or later and each year will be several days ( do suggest ) There will be pre existing nations representing countries in the real world - OPTIONAL : each nation may have their own unique units OPTIONS : (1). there can just be major powers - German, Chinese, Italian, French, USA, Japan, USSR, Britain and Australia OR (2) minor nations may exist with historical relationship with other powers Major powers however can control minor powers through diplomatic reasoning or domination. once a minor nation is under a major nation's influence the minor nation's leader must cooperate with the major power in which controls it. and with this, a rebellion may be started The population of a nation may have an impact on the amount of players in which can join it : for example the US have a massive population thus a lot if player can join players joining each nation will start out as a commander of a squad or two and slowly progress their way to the higher ranks - OPTIONAL : the players can be promoted by the leader instead of using scoring system. a higher rank have bonus in many field HOWEVER the player must be at a certain level in order to be able to receive a raise. an example of this can be defeat XX amount of XXX units or capture XXX amount of cities or capture XXX amount of players, scientists or anything really each player have a commander unit. if the unit is exposed and undefended and attacked then the attacker may choose to capture, spare or eliminate the player. if the player is captured they may choose to work for the capturer's nation or not ( released as an citizen of the fatherland at the end of an in-game year or not depends on the leader of the capturer's nation ). Sparing means leaving the commander unit to stay in its spot and to be invulnerable for at least 5 minute. elimination means to remove the player from the battlefield for a while. their remaining unit will be send to their leaders and to be redistributed to another player. If a player decides to forfeit ( really don't know why they should as this is another game mode...) all his or her belonging including war bonds, and personal resources will be lost. remaining units are to be send to the leaders. If a player have been eliminated then they can spectate for the next 24 or 12 hours (choose between the two) and rejoin starting new either in their original nation or in a alternate (worst idea). RESOURCES AND SUPPLIES to a nation resources includes; metal, oil, rubber, building materials such as concrete (miscellaneous.) and fortune. they would have to start in millions and billions (depends on what nation it is. America may have a ton.) as they are distributed throughout all the players in a nation. these are controlled by the leaders resource are also controlled by the leaders and like the other modes are essential for units. HOWEVER there is civilians to be considered (a slider to change the amount given per person (1 civilian needs 3 food, 2 oil, or so in order to survive)). if civilians are left unfed the nation will start losing population and population growth. Population are essential for the nation. it represents how many players can enter this nation, the amount of units can be trained, technology research speed and so fourth. I could say for now that a player equals 1000 population. if population starts decreasing let's say per thousands because someone did not even think about the civilians then the nation will start losing players. and like the previous game mode, losing units. LEADERS Leader of a nation may be elected or some other ways such as threat or persuasion. a participants of the election must have their registration date and play time shown along with other informations. however if a leader is absent for a week or more they will first be warned then be automatically resigned only leaders are allowed for diplomatic reasoning (?) or under democracy the congress men may attend the meeting as advisors the meeting is a special chat group that only can be joined if the leader and or without his or her congress men are at the location of the meeting in which will be a city a meeting is be held at a certain location at a certain time, however if a leader's car is intercepted on the way and destroyed, that leader will either be spared, captured or eliminated. leader may choose their government : for example Communism will reduce population growth but will decrease production time of all things both unit and building substantially. Democracy may have several people as congress that will vote for and against a leader's rules OR all players within the nation may take a vote on their leader's decision. PLAYERS APART FROM LEADERS each group of players in a nation has a designated city where they may produce their units upon requests as everyone in a nation is sharing one lot of material. Resources must be transported from a resource dump or mines or anything to the factory in order to start production, a total of each material and resource in a nation may be shown player may help other players players must listen to their leader's command (invade, defend and so on) however the leader may allow the players to do whatever they want REBELLION a rebellion may be started from a player ( this can be achieved by targeting a allied unit or building AND destroying it all players who have started a rebellion within a nation joins as a team and once the old leader is overthrown a new leader may be elected TECHNOLOGY a communal technology system may be provided with the technology to research chosen by the leader or under democracy voted by the players. each technology may unlock something new such as a new system or units or buildings each technology initially without any blueprints or funds may last up to several in-game months or perhaps years funds ( fortune ) and blueprints may reduce the research time nation may have initial technologies such German does not have the technology of tanks to begin with whilst the Brits and the Americans have the technology. OPTIONAL : ( racism may be involved ) certain nations such as Germany may have a boost in the technology research as during the Second World War many of the world's genius are a German. unless in the game another nation captures the city in which the scientist was kept at this boost will continue to take its effect. there may be 50 scientists in a single game or less and each will have research bonus. scientists can be moved from city to city under the leader's command via truck and just like the leader, if it gets intercepted the attacker will have a choice of capture, sparing or eliminate LEND LEASE a nation may buy units from another nation under the agreement of both leaders the seller have to produce and ship or transport the units to the buyer. if the transport is intercepted, well the rest you know once the deal starts the payment will be shipped to the seller's capital or major cities and once it arrives production of the requested units may start. the production of these units cannot be cancelled. however if the payment did not arrive then the deal is off. VICTORY CONDITION this is determined under historical events such as the Germans must dominate/control a certain amount of nations or land if the ultimate objective is achieved then a countdown may begin to till the end of the game ( this may last for a real day or two ) the countdown may stop once another nation reverses one's progress - liberating dominated cities, land or countries. OPTIONAL : if the war goes too long, there may be a negotiation at one point to call it a draw. the negotiation could mean changes in the amount of land and resource a nation have in final NOTES and MISCELLANEOUS (these can be left out) no bias there may be surprise attacks on allies or neutrals there may be executions there may be spies that could be sent to another nation technology research may last up to months or years (in-game) reminder: each player have a commander unit which is required to be near another players in order to start or continue or refresh a chat group until radio is researched the commander unit has no defence Walls can be built at the boarder to block off roads and add defence defences such as turrets and trenches can be built anywhere using special units UNIT LIST Infantries and vehicles commander infantry elite infantry Sapper (?) mortar units mechanised infantry (transport units such as infantries and guns) Armoured car Rocket artilleries transport vehicles (transport units such as infantries and guns) guns anti tank guns artilleries and howitzers anti air guns anti air artilleries (can attack land units aswell) Tanks light tanks medium tanks heavy tanks land ships amphibious - can go on water rocket mounted tanks light tank destroyers tank destroyers heavy tank destroyers light self propelled guns heavy self propelled guns Air units biplane fighters (or triplanes) light fighters heavy fighters jet fighters parasite fighters (can be carried by heavy fighters and heavy transports) attack planes (combination of fighter and bomber, see p-47(?) thunderbolt Amphibious bombers (torpedo or anything else) light bombers heavy bombers jet bombers light transport planes (CANT CARRY EM STUGS) Heavy transport planes gliders (carried by bombers or transport and is to add rooms for more units) Naval units patrol boat squadrons frigates or corvettes destroyers destroyer leaders light cruisers heavy cruisers Battle Cruisers anti-air cruisers (USS Atlanta) Mine layers Battleships seaplane tenders Light carrier (or escort) Carrier (IJN Soryu and USS Hornet (?) Fleet carrier (IJN Akagi and USS Essex) submarines submarine tenders midget subs (practically useless if charging towards the enemy) The below is exclusive only to Japan I-400 Submersible aircraft carrier Ise class Battleship air-carrier submersible submarine carrier (carrying midget subs) OTHER UNITS Siege artillery and motors wunder weapons (exclusive only to Germany) trains and carriage and armoured carts MOBILE MINES or not Missiles and rockets nuclear weaponries for scaring and causing havoc because why not Railways can be built from cities to cities nets can be built to protect harbours from torpedoes temporary airfield can be built by sappers or special units this is all I got for now and do comment if there is more to add current issues : all ships should have anti air capability bombers should have a tad anti air capability like the scout planes the damage indicator should be showing constantly not changing per minute weird questions why can I find kv-1, Junkers and Lancaster in the game file
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