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  1. 3 munitions can only be made from a monument munitions factory at lvl 7. Horten H.XVIII / Long Range Bomber (Jet) Schwerer Gustav / Super Artillery Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte / Super Heavy tank Only one of each can be made from each Monument. Which means control of each is transferred with in the league from the one who controls it. ---Horten H.XVIII / Long range jet bomber Basics HP/ 80,000 Movement/ 2.5 Attack range/ 100 Sight/ 150 Construction time-1/H Attack Infantry/ 2000 Vehicle/ 2500 Armor/ 3000 Building/ 4500 Ship/ 3000 Aircraft/ 1000 (Has defensive Anti aircraft guns) Sub/ 1500 (only when surfaced) Supplies carried Food-6/H 1000/1000 Fuel-5/H 1200/1200 Ammo-15/M 100/100 Food consumption-2.8/M Fuel consumption-4/M Ammo consumption -6.7/M Defense Def type/ aircraft Def8000 The Horten H.XVIII is a specialized long range, high speed tactical jet propulsion heavy bomber. ---Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte/ super heavy tank Basics HP/100,000 Movement/.25 Attack range/ground / 300 /anti air / 240 Sight/100 Construction time-1/H Attack Infantry/2000 Vehicle/2500 Armor/3500 Building/4000 Aircraft/1500 Supplies carried Food-6/H 1000/1000 Fuel-5/H 1200/1200 Ammo-2/H 500/500 Food consumption-2.8/M Fuel consumption-4/M Ammo consumption-4.2/M Defense Def type armor Def 10000 The Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte specializes on ground and in anti aircraft operations. ---Schwerer Gustav/ super artillery Basics HP/80,000 Movement/.25 (can only use roads) Attack range/550 Sight/100 Construction time-1/H Attack Infantry/3000 Vehicle/3000 Armor/4000 Building/4200 Ship/3000 Sub/2000 (only when surfaced) Supplies carried Food-6/H 1000/1000 Fuel-5/H 1200/1200 Ammo-2H 500/500 Food consumption-2.8/M Fuel consumption-4/M Ammo consumption-4.2/M Defense Def type armor Def 8000 The Schwerer Gustav specializes in long range fires creating a large effective blast radius.
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