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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Commanders, We have brought back the optimized map Swift Thrust for a while. Our developers would like to have your opinions, suggestions or advice on this map and will optimize it based on your feedback. Please feel free to leave your comments below. We will give away 500 amethysts for your feedback. Each account can only receive the amethysts ONCE. Please don't forget to leave your in-game name and in-game ID number. The amethysts will be distributed in 48 hours. World Warfare Team
  2. With the 2nd year anniversary of the game passing on the 16th and nothing special happening for that important yearly event . This has lead me to think that this game is rearing off the path of the amazing game that had amazing developers that would be very close to the community from little trivia games in main screen to formation events that both have you a bit of free diamonds. This game is not heading to the fun path for the new players to have fun and old players to stay interested in the game overall. Sadly it is heading straight to the path of the huge Pay to win types of games which is not what old players want and stop new players from joining the game and being successful. Talking to some other players I have gotten some suggestions for the game that might make the game better for all. Talking to Yoshi I asked him what would make you play the game more and maybe help other players . He said that a gem reward for leveling up would be nice to have so people have more of an incentive to level up besides trying to be the top player. It would get higher for each level you pass which makes it a nice treat for getting to lieutenant or captain after months of playing . This would be a nice thing to be added to the game in the future Bloodmancer said that adding special objectives on maps that give buffs to units on the battlefield. There would about 36 in the map and they can be captured to gain the buff . This would lead to more strategic plays to keep the buffs and allow for more defense thinking for the game since something of great importance is at stake . Fall ask for new units and more maps and unit space . This would make the game more interesting and fun for people to play and allows for more army comps that can help change the way people play. Lopez ask for a new gem pack gold pack and officers that cost 1$ . He says that more people can buy them and that it could help keep the servers up and allows for more content to be added.even though it may make it a bit more pay to win , it may help a bit with the progress of the game. He also ask for kill chain to be the league tournament map . It is perfect for the role with a center objective and allows for a more hectic fight against more leagues than the 1v1v1v1v1 map with 6 per league . Now to my suggestions for the game , I think adding a somewhat of a set time for certain aspects of the game like how you guys add new officers every month. What i was thinking was game balances every month a new tactic tech or officer every 3 months a new unit every 6 months and a new map every 9 or so . This is so that you guys and us can have a clear deadline in place and allows you guys to think with an end goal in mind. Next has to do with officers , they are very powerful and shouldn’t be only available for the rich . Adding a new way to get the officers without paying would be a great thing to have . Examples could be getting 400000 gold to unlock an officer or killing 20000 m40s to get the self propelled officer .This can help make the game less pay to win and give new players the chance to get some without breaking the bank to get all the officers that already came out . Next I will talk about some unit changes starting with bombers . There needs to be a new bomber and changes to the two we already have . Make the strat bomber do less damage to unit and more to buildings they are at like 10000 m in the air like they can hit a tank or artillery give them more of a city killer role like they were designed to do . Next the Michel bomber increased and decrease the damage to make it a middle bomber a jack of all traits bombers that don’t really exel in any special task . Finally a new bomber / strike fighter , a p-47 or Ju-87 or even a beaufighter . These units will be fast can attack air units with more damage than a scout and less than a spitfire . They also do high damage to tanks, vehicles , infantry and ships which are their intended role in real life . This will allows more variety in air army comp instead of 70 bombers and 30 jets . Next unit that needs a buff to fill its role is the maus tank . Tanks role in war is to protect the heavy guns for this maus tanks need a better ability. Instead of the defense boost ,which doesn’t do much because of their already high defense, they should get a taunt ability that makes units in their range to be forced to shoot at them and the tank get 50 reduced damage from all sources but tank destroyers . This will make maus tanks more viable for late game unit shields and gives the tank destroyer a use in the game as well . Finally I would like to ask for the change to one more unit the elephant tank destroyer . Make it get unlocked faster say city level 10 or 11 buff the damage a bit and give it a bit more hp . The TD is the most underused unit in the game and combined with the suggestion for the maus tank above will give the TD and he maus a place in the current meta of mass m40 and rocket . This is all I have to say for now I hope you keep this in consideration as the game goes on I hope to see more communication and involvement in the community I’m graywing and I hope I helped give an idea of what should be focused on.
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