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Found 1 result

  1. Season 12 WARDRAGON 1st Cup match was with FluffyCakes & LuckyStrikes (Both alt leagues) & WARMACHINE & WARDRAGON. We started search with SHADOWDRAGON around 6PM CST & searched for almost 2 hours. When we finally matched, we spawned in the corner of the Cup map & this map was 75% red with level 2 LC’s. We found that this particular map had been started earlier Saturday A.M. This needs to be looked into. The only explanation for this is that map was showing FULL to the system search for hours then several hours later that map was qued as having 1 open spot in the system, therefore placing us with this map. When we arrived LuckyStrikes and FluffyCakes had already been having a discussion about “Greek”, “Diva”, the DRAGON Leagues, and DarkAngel. That discussion posted back a hour prior to WARDRAGONs arrival. The situation reminds me of one from a while back when (maybe) Spartans would enter a map and a specific “player” would send packets (something similar) to the system and cause no one to be able to join that map for a specific amount of time, this in retrospect, allows the league to get a huge head start. I.e. LC’s, cities, troops, etc.... (...not sure if names and situation is stated correctly... please advise.) Not sure if it is similar, however it sure seemed that way!
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