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  1. First I want to say I was tempted to write this many times... But something gave me enough satisfaction to stay my hand. But enough is enough, I had enough fallbacks, screw ups, tactical errors, glitches, and downright nonsense. I'll try to start from the beginning as best as I could. The first problem is the tech tree, it's a good idea but the old units shouldn't require blueprints. Blueprints that almost never drop and drop from some cartoon question mark That appears sporadically on my screen. Honestly what are you thinking? 90% of the time you can't click the damn thing, you end up having it so much that you miss the dialogue and lag up the screen. As if the clutter wasn't enough you decide to make it non-operational, I suggest a new deliverance system for the affairs. Perhaps a small agent stands next to an Area with an exclamation mark Over their head. Not too in-your-face almost I was away if you don't see it it's the players loss. it's been three days and I've just gotten a blueprint, now I need another for artillery. It's been three days... And the only people that made it off the peninsula flew off in transports. It's been three days and most people haven't opened their bottleneck at the mouth of their peninsula. It has been three days and I am still rolling medium tanks! I agree blueprints shouldn't be handed out like candy. But there has to be some ways to acquire them or lower the difficulty of the enemy or bulk of the enemy. You lowered the ability of our weapons and made them useless practically... Taking the city is no longer a one-man job it took me another hellgates over eight hours, through the night to take out a single player. Granted eight hours because we both fell asleep... If a player has a level to turret that player has Jesus, if that player has a level five turret that player has God. The turrets Match the range of artillery now and decide to attack that artillery piece over the non-tanks you have a whole two minutes ahead of them charging in or firing.now that's great that you can no longer allow artillery to sweep a basic clean with no casualties, makes things challenging. But having to guns Target the weakest unit takes out all of the strategy in a successful base attack. For what is the strategy if not to use tanks as cover? Nay, One must have 12 artillery or AGs to take out a city. And should that player be online, repairing their buildings or using diamonds,break your phone, tablet, or other device you currently used to play this game and go for a walk. Unit movements I don't know what possessed you to touch the commands of the units. Hold position is fine I like that idea, that concept however it fails. The hold position on make AGs causes them to charge into battle unprovoked and un-commanded. If I attack move and this is after you repair the attack move my units decide to go the opposite direction. Example, if I sent a unit five minutes south then decide to attack move that unit will set a course 10 minutes north to a mass of tanks and kill itself. To further this motion I've noticed my troops sliding if I were to stop them change their attack move or regular move command they were slide five minutes backwards or start an attack on something that is nowhere near their range. If my unit takes damage and I pulled them back out of range of the gun then told them the wait,hold position,or just simply move to...once they reach that position they will take it upon themselves to turn around and run back into the fight and die. Sometimes unprovoked. What caused me to write this was my giant transport was flying a 15 minute trip after 30 I log back in to see it not where it's supposed to be. I moved it up logged off for another five minutes log back on and it was farther back then where I watched it fly to. After this I babysat it until it was over the drop location prior I try to use auto drop but they decided to hover like a helicopter and not move. Once over the drop location I manually dispatched my units. Unbeknownst to me your developers in their infinite wisdom of course added a wind variable to the game, calculations indicate that the altitude of the transport multiplied by relative wind and the direction of winds aloft... Your calculations of pushing my troops five minutes flight time backwards in the direction we have came from is spot on once you divide by the rotation of the earth. Elyse they landed safe right? No, they landed between 12 tanks 6 on either side...A city and her guns in the town and the so-called "sniper tower". At least the priority targeting works as well for controlled units as it does for AI units. No, I jest... People still say that right? Nevertheless all of my units decide to target the farm shed which was passed the sniper tower and decide to soak in all the armor piercing fully automatic "sniper fire". Fear not for that was one hero in the group who targeted the sniper tower and with the use of stand firm and siege and destroy, defeated it before killed everyone. if I may make a suggestion, I suggest you fire your entire team of the developers. I offer this, if there are more than seven of them I will work for all of their paychecks divided by two. this way you save money and the game wouldnt be screwed up. PM me for my paypal...jk Thank you for reading, I hope you got a kick out of it. Oh PS the skill tree resets to zero at the end of each round.... I'm kidding but I wouldn't put it past these guys. PSS oh yeah what the hell is rated three rebel tanks spawning not in not around not nearby not adjacent to but on top of my capital? Onc destroyed they respond in five minutes. Unlike the other times where they will attack but do no damage This fine group of gentlemen do enough damage where I have to repair on my capital will be destroyed my outbuildings what below 50% and should I bring a unit out of the army base they were priority target my lowest health and most valuable asset and focus fire until dead. Thank you for taking my Diamonds I was happy to buy the mobile AA I parked are in the garage at the capital. Until three hooligans in rebel tanks spawned the top of her and killed her while I slept. But hey, at least I slept through the notifications of my capital being attacked by rebel two times an attack every five minutes!
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