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  1. Bringing this to attention as I've never seen this being discussed . I watched a YouTube video called "top ten war games on iOS and android" , and was blown away that this wasn't listed . That may be because that person has no idea that this game is out there . I am looking for suggestions on what members/ leagues/ devs / GM's/ can do to put this out there more , me personally I'm not into social media , however I have tons of friends that also like war games , word of mouth is obviously a good choice . However I'm thinking about getting a screen recorder and putting videos on YouTube , that will allow a lot of ppl to see what this game is really like based on the trailer . Not only would it bring more players to the table , more players to make great leagues , but it also helps the game staff by more ppl paying for gems / Amy's . I know this game could get a huge fan base and following simply because this game is ********** awesome !!!!!! And everyone knows it , don't get me wrong this last update is a lil screwy but bare with them it will be fixed and optimized . That is my suggestion anyway , I would like to know what others think ? And would like to know other ideas on getting this out there more , thanks ! Update: My YouTube channel is set up , will update it regularly and add new videos when I can ! Pls subscribe https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC3Yu8vfFNE7xZF-7lCeyE5w JaiJai , Officer of Wolfpack
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