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World Warfare
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  1. Congrats to everyone! Well played tournament.
  2. MacArthur1453: my relative died in Stalingrad commanding a tank. A Nazi bugger ran up into the tank and threw a grenade in.
  3. Of course my favorite officer is leonid govorov, hero of the Soviet Union and general Patton as well. I would like to see Zhukov added, as he is a notable WWII commander in soviet front. Commanded the troops that seized Berlin. Another would be fedor Von bock, leader of many blitzkreig engagements in WWII. His mastery would be in speed and in offensive tactics. Next would be guderaon and Rommel, both outstanding German armored blitzkreig warriors. They would add health and other capabilities to tanks. Lastly I would recommend Ivan konev and vastly chuikov for a officer position as artillery ge
  4. Wasn't ever in armed services but brother of grandfather died commanding tanks in Stalingrad under chuikov. Many friends of mine however served in army, mostly off they have some nice stories too. MacArthur1453
  5. When we attack a city we like to go out with a bang. A land of endless wonder.
  6. Surrounded is the enemy, ready to fight to the last man. The Green Party has taken over America and Donald trump and his republican 2nd amend militia stand to fight the final battle!
  7. Finally someone mentions Walter model!!!!! Also novikov! Next series should include chuikov!
  8. Single column!! Single column!! And that is how the Chinese took over America in red dawn 5.... MacArthur1453
  9. A long journey from home, a lone strat bomber moves eloquently towards its target. The bomber then moves toward the target and a whole armada follows. The lone bomber attacks, and the league city falls. BenHur Enjoy the pics.
  10. If you leave me now, you'll take away the biggest part of me Ooohh no Baby please don't go And if you leave me now, you'll take away the very heart of me Ooohh no Baby please don't go Ooohh girl I just want you to stay A love like ours is love that's hard to find How could we let it slip away We've come too far to leave it all behind How could we end it all this way When tomorrow comes and we'll both regret The things we said today BenHur lyrics courtesy of Chicago the band,
  11. On a cold night, only one shall remain. He is the Lone Ranger...
  12. Today's scout battle is provided by: Northrop Grumman planes: no one makes a better scout than Northrop Grumman. scout battles of today. In an epic field, two hundred (36) warriors assemble to fight against eachother. Alliances are formed, and drastic maneuvers require thoughtful planning. Masses of the most hardened warrior, the scout, gather to do battle in this unforgiving landscape. Although these scout battle are nothing compared to the major scout battle of '15. sincerely, BenHur
  13. Alas it was a midnight dreary, while most of us were weak and weary (and offline), but then came a rapping, a tapping, on their cities doors. And then the whole structure came crashing down! Noisy racist neighbors to the south eliminated quickly and swift. Other leagues there just threw gasoline on the ashes and bid them a unforgettable farewell! Yours truly, BenHur
  14. Hello all, wanted to ask you guys what you think would be: 1. Good strategies for all air units, including transports, like a combination and best type in city attacks. 2. Improvements for air units. Personally I think bombers should have some sort of anti air ability cause otherwise their sitting ducks. Not much, like about same power as a scout... In real life they have gatlings.
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