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World Warfare
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  1. BigBoss


    Bombers coming to aid ha
  2. BigBoss


    You bet I am Only 3 of us lol
  3. BigBoss


    Guess whose back lol CheckMate back in action bro expect some pictures soon of my battles
  4. nice my aircraft carriers I suggested are coming soon lol. The new UI is good so far just a few bugs in the rankings on main menu sometimes they pop up and sometimes they don't but otherwise good work on the new UI.
  5. Can't wait I'll see if most of the best once from fear can join this lol the allied chat better work for this lol
  6. Here's my pic I was trying to find the perfect angle but failed lol
  7. Am here to help when ever I get chance when am not busy lol. Jamin any troop that you expand gets to carry more ammo,food,and fuel you just gotta expand the troops that you are comfortable with.
  8. Only my message pops up. Idk if my league can see it or not because no one replied to it when I used it last night
  9. What's the hole point of allied chat if you can't talk to people of your same faction there hope you guys fix it soon Pete
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