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World Warfare
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  1. How does one know if their league finishes top 5 in silver cups? And when do performance screenshots need to be posted? That part was confusing but everything else looks amazing
  2. Thanks for the response, much appreciated
  3. Battlefield 1092276 suddenly froze around 2:30pm EST. i close the window and re-opened the game. When on the loading screen the game got to 100% and did the partial circle spinning. The circle keeps spinning and the battlefield wont load. Ive tried deleting and reinstalling. This makes it so i can access the main screen. When i attempt to load the battlefield again the same thing happens, so i need to reinstall to get back to mainscreen. At the time before crash i had all troops in air transports and other aircraft, i get notifications of them running outta fuel and crashing. When the battlefi
  4. So many league members ready for this. Picking 6 will be tough
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