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World Warfare
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  1. Once you get StuGs, load up on them. Use at least 20 StuGs and 5 tanks if you don’t want casualties. Take the turret down first and then destroy the main building. Leave the naval base undamaged. Send in infantry and heal up your StuGs and tanks at your city.
  2. Adding on to the national skins: The infantry should be affected by them. Americans would have more supplies, British would have no movement penalty while taking fire, Germans would take less time to cap areas, Soviets would have fewer supplies but significantly higher attack and base morale, and Japanese would have the ability to fortify a position on command.
  3. How to win at this map: 5 Maus tanks 40-50 Katyusha launchers 1 infantry profit
  4. That was a PBJ-1H, a variant of the B-25 made for the US Marine Corps. It was a specially modified one made for carrier landings, with a landing hook, reinforced landing gear, and slightly shorter wings. Since it was an experimental aircraft and not made for the USAAF, it doesn’t count as a standard B-25 like the ones in the game.
  5. NinjaBlox


    It’s only overkill if you’re going up against a dropped out level 3. I’d say it’s a completely appropriate show of force otherwise. Until a couple fighters show up, of course.
  6. I usually rush the nearest naval base and get to battleships and Tigers as soon as possible without compromising city defense. In my last game, I had an 18 battleship (5 Bismarck, 13 NC) navy with 3 supporting cruisers, 4 transports, and a Yorktown aircraft carrier. My land/air army was 14 StuGs, 3 Tiger IIs, 2 Mäuse, 6 M101s, 6 B-29s, 2 Mustangs, and 2 Gigants. I would parachute in infantry as needed. Never got Katyushas or jet fighters because I supply capped and the game ended at that point.
  7. The Pershing is an American tank. It never saw combat in the war. If you really need a heavy tank, the Tiger is very similar to the KV-1 so that’s more accurate.
  8. NinjaBlox

    Army Rank

    Two things: 1) How log you’ve been playing/how much experience you have 2) What tactics you can use You get tactics each Warrant Officer rank, capping at Life Saving/Artillery Barrage/Suicidal Charge (Which I think should be renamed either “URA!” or “HOOAH!”) at CW4 II. This guide is a bit outdated, but some points are still valid:
  9. The Gigant would just not be able to take off in real life. No major damage done. However, the B-29s would lose their wings to the conning tower and the B-25s would fall into the ocean or lose their landing gear and damage the flight deck while trying to land on a carrier. I’m fine with the Gigant being able to transport a Maus because the line where the game is too realistic to be fun is when it takes a whole day to attack anything because you can’t get tanks there quick enough. But bombers can fly, and it takes at most half an hour to get to the area you need to blow up.
  10. While they could be launched from the carriers, they couldn’t actually land on them. The bombers headed to a Chinese airbase.
  11. This game is based on WWII. Helicopters were not commonly used until 1944, and I doubt that the Russian copter then would’ve been able to lift a tank. As for infantry, I only use motor infantry or paratroopers in the late-game anyways. And as for medivacs, it’s not economical to fly a helicopter into an area where it’ll take heavy fire. Now you’ve just lost the injured unit and the copter.
  12. They’re not really worth it. But if you insist, they’re in the Commerce center every few hours. Level 4 and up, I believe. If you need good tanks that badly, get to a high enough level and use Tigers or Mäuse. Otherwise, Shermans will do fine.
  13. That’s been there ever since I started playing like 2 years ago. Ain’t gonna happen. Subs would be fairly overpowered in this game anyways; only DDs would be able to attack them while they’re under and their torpedoes would have enough punch to OHK most ships.
  14. I had this idea for the aircraft carriers: No longer allow frontline (Mitchell) and strategic (Superfortress) bombers to land on carriers— It’s just not realistic at all. A real bomber would clip its wings on the conning tower. Ordering an attack on a unit or group launches TBD “Devastator” or SBD “Dauntless” bombers at the target— A carrier could hold, say, 4 to 6 units of these. They would fly at the target, bomb it till it’s deader than dead or until they’re out of ammo, then return to the carrier to resupply. Ordering an attack on a different target while they’re still out would
  15. So, I played Isles of War and ranked 26th place, but I wasn't awarded the Christmas Medal II for it. The medal's requirements state that you must finish in the top 100. Can anybody help me with this?
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