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World Warfare
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  1. That is the Junkers JU 87 Stuka, and I think it is going to specialize vs Armor.
  2. I thought fluff meant something else in the movie business.
  3. I see this movie has an All Star Cast.
  4. Two things about turrets, First if you are using turrets as your primary defense, then you have already lost and second when defending a city properly you don’t have time to worry about prioritizing turrets.
  5. I think your city Spawn idea is a great idea and would like to see something added when someone defeats a SS HQ. Bombers with defensive capabilities will do nothing to change the way players attack bombers so I don't think it would be worth the programmers effort. Plus there is enough adding at this point where I would rather they spend more time streamlining the programs as to decrease the lag and prevent the game crashes that currently plague this game during large battles. As for fighters attacking ground forces my question to you would be, Do you PvP very much? I ask this because
  6. This is one of the reasons that WeFew doesn't participate in the Cup Battlefields. Everyone is trying to get the pretty League Banner so they can say that they are the Best. They also can wear all the pretty medals like; I gave myself a name or I joined a league with 20 people in it. Big Deal! No Inspection Ready Unit can Survive Combat and No Combat Ready Unit pass many Inspections.
  7. I agree with restricting the use of shields but for different reasons. Shields are an easy button and allowing them to be easily purchased and also awarded (a huge wasted slot in the daily rewards by the way) prevents Leagues from studying the mechanics of the game and developing a offensive and defensive strategy based on the designs the developers intended. Most people who play this game are either lazy or have zero understanding of how to play this game according to the design of the people who have created it. Because of this lack of understanding you then have the compounded problems of d
  8. I understood what you were saying and I agree with wanting to show who has and who hasn't used shields. I am right beside you in the NEVER category. I am also saying as you may have noticed by the Satirical Medal I created, is that IMO the use of shields as a defense is compensation for a League's poor strategy and teamwork, and also a huge inability to understand and implement the mechanisms designed into this game that were developed specifically for a player to eventually no longer depend on the use of shields as his/her comprehension of the game increases.
  9. I would absolutely love to see shields as a stat. In doing so, I would love for them to be able to pull the historical data to show how many shields players have used from when they created their account. I even have an idea about the medal you would receive for using them (see below).
  10. You must be a liberal, Even showing you facts can't change your closed minded opinion. So because in your opinion it can't be possible then absolutely no amount of so called FACTS can change that.
  11. Area of Effect. Weapons that target all troops in a specific area.
  12. Here is my suspicion, for the majority of the players in this game the new units will be built for one reason completing a quest reward. 90% of players build predominantly 4 units: Stugs, Strats, Jets/P51s and Gigs. Lately I have seen an increase in M40s being built after facing a certain League (Name Withheld CoC Compliance). I don't see that changing on any Grand scale especially after reading the majority of the post on this thread. The closed minded idiots who think because they are part of the BIG leagues that what they are doing is the only way. Since all they do is mainly ally or neutra
  13. @Polack Cricket, Cricket......The silence is ended by the extremely loud belly laughter of SnakeEater.
  14. I ask you do one of two things, REMOVE ALL TANKS FROM THE COMMERCE CENTER AND ONLY HAVE MOTORIZED INFANTRY. Or the other thing is add the Motorized Infantry to the League City armaments. Please give me some kind of feedback on this post because your drop rate of Motorized Infantry in the Commerce Center really really sucks and you have to have a level 1 or 2 commerce center.
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