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World Warfare
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  1. I'm Liking That Female General, She Will Be The First One Ill Buy :3
  2. I Have To Agree With Crafty Here Artillery Are Meant To Take Out Objectives At A Long Range It Should At Least Be Able To Destoy A Lvl 4 Turret or 5
  3. This Is My Honest Opinion About Gemming, I Do Actually Respect That Gemming Pays This Bills Of This Game But Nothing Isn't Really Done With That Money. Anyways Besides That I've Experiences Many Gemmers In This Cup Tournament Thing And I Find It Annoyinf That A Person Has Already An Army Up When I Myself Who Doesn't Have Gems Waits Patiently For Stugs And Tanks To Cook.
  4. The Memories When I Got Kicked Lmfao
  5. I Say Kms Lels But I Mean If Y'all Take A Beating Take It Smh
  6. Yoshi888


    This Was Vry Useful :3
  7. Heeeeeeelp Chat Is Going Crazy Whenever I Try To Type Something It Sends Me To Another Battlefield Chat I'm Sad (Btw I Can Finally Send Messages Thanks )
  8. Yea This Would Be A Good Idea Though Being Able To Target Turrets Manually Would Be Really OP. Maybe Certain Turret Level U Can Start Manually Using Turret :7
  9. Question.... When I Got To Battlefield Chat I'm In The Wrong Chat (Shows Me Chat Of My Last Field)
  10. Same.... Same Can't Communicate With My League Mates When Someone Needs Me I Don't Receive Shizzles
  11. YoshiTheFetus YoshiTheFetus
  12. I Can Recieve Messages From Others But I Can Not Send Them To Any Channels
  13. I'm Still Getting The Same Problem After I Changed My WiFi And Updated The Game. I Keep Getting The "Message Failed" Mark In Everything I Send
  14. Yea It's Going To Probably Be My First Time Gonna Try It As Well Cya There Lol ?? So True Waffles Haha
  15. Yoshi888


    Hello I've Been Experiencing Some Glitches. My Artillery Are Filled With Ammo But Whenever I Wanna Attack Something With Them It Says I Have Insufficient Ammo Please Help Thanks
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