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World Warfare
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  1. To me this is an essential part of war. Subterfuge is part of every combat/war operations. For the most part, the older leagues/players have the loyalty and honesty to do there part. As a league grows, like a platoon, we get players unknown to us or the operations of the current bf. It takes a few bf's to get to know/trust the FNG. Play on. Ban the thief from ur league and destroy. Better yet give the troop movements of the thief to an enemy so you can really get by watching troop movements.
  2. I was 41st IBCT. The lady in your picture looks like my old friend, Stephanie. But I transported troops from Bagram to all over the country during that time.
  3. I probably RIPed you in and provided you your first convoy in Afghanistan
  4. To all you great men and women of our armed forces, thank you and God bless. my great grandfather, most decorated French foreign legion soldier through WWI and into WWII. My grandfather, combat surgeon in Normandy, met my grandmother, combat nurse on the battlefield. My step father, screaming eagle and support for Korean War. My father, screaming eagle, three tours to Vietnam. Myself, two tours to Afghanistan, one to Iraq. Medically retired, WIA. Now my oldest son to graduate this weekend from boot! Shortfuse, DETCORD
  5. Shortfuse

    Halloween Event!

    This year I tried to dress up as Captain Spalding from DevilsvRejects! Did I come close? Shortfuse
  6. And I love to eat waffles in the morning!
  7. Next golden empire map. I would love a map with hundreds of islands. Ten areas for leagues to begin the occupation. Each league area consists of 20 cities to allow max league participation. Each other island contains a gold reserve. Each league island starts with a league city. The occupation of the map requires full armament use. Some islands require naval assaults others require air. It is a ten day battle. Also a limit of troop type would be creative. Force us leaders to work strategy, allies, units, movement, etc.
  8. I am about to finish a battle. As the new ranking system goes, we basically ran a blind test. I played normally, i.e. Taking resource zones and villages next to cities and moving out in that fashion. A meme be wanted to be first and focused on city conquest. Although I had 90k more points than him, he out ranked me. Ultimately, I had the resources available at the end to "purchase" leadership flags and quickly passed him up. The negative is for the first few days, my daily reward was affected poorly. In my opinion, if the ranking system stays the same, you should reward all three of the rankings, the player, the league, and the battle. I think this wil, balance out the rewards complaints.
  9. Great post. I avoid replying to many posts as I am one of just getting to gameplay. I agree, the game rocks! Thanks for your insight and tell your friend thanks! I was there and was "lucky" the RPG hit my 50 and not me! LOL All is great and as in the military, roll with the punches!
  10. Not necessarily the pursuit towards first is just get a city. Not kill and conquer. This is not an entirely a method of war. As it's designed after WWII there needs to be control points, i.e. Bridges, passes, cities. A battlefield should allow only 20 leagues. Individuals need to spend time in a tutorial battlefield, upon completion join a league or start one. There shouldn't be individuals in an open battle.
  11. Oh no, totally agree with King on this. Everyone knows all u need to do is quit and respawn in an area with no opposition, and kill these massively defend level one rebels! Even after they are crushed the daily damage to the real players will have already been done. This is war and I don't care if I'm first to die or first place, just know I will be fighting the whole way!
  12. Shortfuse

    Help please

    Yes, I can't get Game Center to do anything. I even reset the settings to default. Wondering if anyone else had the issue! Shout out to DetCord
  13. Shortfuse

    Help please

    Game Center isn't working with this update of iOS! Any fixes out there? I've been in the hospital the last week and now can't play my beloved game!
  14. Now I have been trying to amass blueprints. What can be done with these now useless items? Also if we have unlocked up to higher tiers, is there a way to recoup any of the unlock gold used? And finally, we amass cash, fortune, during the battles, can you allow for that to be converted to gold once the battle is over or when DetCord crushes all?
  15. Hello, still some mods need to be done. The gold mines, as they become available, all it takes is a paratroop drop on them to conquer. You can completely bypass the obstacles on the way. They either need defense, turrets lvl5, or not award points if not tied to a city. A team or faction can just drop in and maximize points. It creates another imbalance to the fight.
  16. What's wrong now? It's not loading!
  17. OMG, to long to wait! I feel like a junkie, who ran out of my fix 10 hours ago and jonesing for a quick fix! Does this mean I need to go to GPA, Game Players Annynomis?
  18. It most certainly is funny! My poor infantry ran right into a huge pile of it!
  19. This is awesome. Hopefully, now, no one will ever get this attack message.........
  20. close, you forgot the zero on 63000!
  21. When will the game allow for league leaders to be able to supervise in multiple battlefields? Also, can you remove the commander in chief designation from the first league member to join a battlefield?
  22. Limit the number of troop types. This will force into play more teamwork.
  23. Oh man! That could be days! Lol. So far only five hours matching
  24. how owe do I join a new one, I'm on some waiting to match.
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