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  1. Bloodmancer, you are spot on your description of the law. Slander requires the aggrieved party to prove the statement was false. Truth is always an absolute defense. So I would welcome a lawsuit. Panzer, your ignorance is alarmingly bold. Sometimes it better to remain silent and let people think you are a fool instead of opening your mouth and removing all doubt. So panzer, feel free to sue me for libel (not slander—look up the difference) because you are an idiot.
  2. Developers say that can’t support battle royale as they had hoped for April 1 as scheduled. We will delay it until they are ready. See recent dialogue below.
  3. Fxweird, you are sadly mistaken about the law. Proof in a slander/ libel case is on the aggrieved party: they have to prove its false. I do not have to prove it’s true. Plus the burden of proof is by a preponderance of evidence; not reasonable doubt or “shadow of a doubt “ like you claim . Plus, I have ample evidence of cheating. Thankyou for your uninformed opinion regarding the laws of libel. I will send you a bill for my time explaining the law.
  4. @KingCB. Since we are talking “for the record,” I need to clarify a few things: 1. I was never kicked out of godz, but I do admire all the members that were kicked out. I left weeks before “the great purge.” Also I don’t hate godz or you. 2. The first time godz went awol on our battlefield challenge was because they apparently wanted to fight on a 40 space battlefeild that does not exist and ignore the other 220 spaces in the battlefeild that does exist. If godz didn’t want to fight because they were too busy in cup or because they didn’t want anyone else to show up they should
  5. @Fxweird. I love it when someone wants to discuss law. There can be no liability for slander or libel when the speaker states the truth— no matter how damaging those facts maybe to another’s reputation. Truth is an absolute defense to liability. So it is completely lawful to call godz cowards and cheaters. They are cowards for failing to show to two different battlefields. They cheat by conspiring to take cities without a fight. This has nothing to do with allies. Allies don’t pretend to conquer each other’s cities. Any team that conspires with another to “take a dive” is cheating. G
  6. Inhale, I am completely unaware of any leagues, other than godz, who cheat. I am also unaware of any leagues, other than godz, who accept a challenge and then break their promise and fail to appear (2x). I’m not interested in using the “Battle Royale” to figure out who can be trusted and who cannot. We just don’t need a league like godz that we all know can’t be trusted to keep their word or to fight fair. It is as simple as that. Thanks for your input and if a majority of teams wants godz in, I will be happy to welcome them— we aren’t dictating anything. But im not inviting godz un
  7. update: Game Manager Ronin88 has said he will present this “Battle Royale” to the lead developer to discuss how to support it.
  8. Update: LDX has agreed to help co-host the Battle Royale on April 1. Since they are so well respected, we are honored. If other leagues would like to host along with us and LDX please let me know. If you have a good relationship with the developers we could definitely use your help.
  9. Update: Most teams are accepting our invitation and several have asked “will league size be limited and who sits out if there are too many leagues?”. Answer: bring your full team or parts of your team— your choice. If we have too many players we will create 2 separate fields— maybe winners take on each other? But I won’t get too far ahead of ourselves. All are welcome! None will be turned away. Except godz (see above). For those godz players that had nothing to do with the misdeeds of their leader, you are welcome to join any of the participating leagues that will accept you— or
  10. Koolgrape, You ask who will pick the 2 teams. The last time we had 12 leagues the league leaders all agreed— it was decided on a combination of battlefeild location, size and reputation. Everyone agreed. I suspect the same would be true in the Battke Royale. If not, we can choose 2 team captains (like the playground when we were kids). As for prizes, I’ll ask the developers, but I wouldn’t want prizes to take the focus away from fair play. If the developers can give us a glitch and lag free battlefeild, we could do them as often as everyone wanted. Thanks for the great
  11. Hitgirl, great points. We have tentatively set the date for April 1 and are working with the developers so they can make special accommodations for this battlefeild to avoid lag and glitches. That should be plenty of time for them to make special accommodations to handle the load of highly skilled teams all competing on the same battlefeild. This event is as important to them as it is to us. Alts, shields, sister leagues, etc are all fine unless the majority of team leaders agree to something different. We aren’t going to dictate any rule or parameter changes, but will allow the
  12. Battle Royale: Fluffycakes is hosting the first ever “Battle Royale” to pit the best leagues against each other in one battlefield in a “ww2- like” battle. We will be working with developers to facilitate this special battlefield to handle the thousands of troops that will engage each other all at the same time. Leagues will be divided into two equal sides decided before the battlefield starts. Leaders of the top 20 leagues will be personally invited but all leagues are welcome (except godz, for reason explained later). We are aiming for the the first blitz battlefield on
  13. First of all, I love the new format of league battles. Every change you have made has been a good one. suggestion for new patch: Everyone must vote at the end of a specified time or the city loses the right to vote. Too many inactive cities that don't vote require uneventful mopping up. Also, how about imposing a loss of points or standing for players that surrender mid game? It's one thing to be knocked out of a game, it's another to surrender. Surrendering should have a penalty or be category that can be tracked by other players. keep up the great work. This is best game I'v
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