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World Warfare
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  1. What I really want is something to do with coins!!!
  2. Thank god! Prepare to lose, comrades.....
  3. I'm glad this issue is being adressed. I think it's not too hard to counter when you are online, but offline- it's nearly impossible. You need to add counters for when you are offline.
  4. Also, our league won the battlefield, but it still says 0 wins. Can you fix this?
  5. It depends- many the tank was being attacked by a panzer? And.a legal 200 tank? Really?
  6. the staff said in another suggestion that they think this is a great idea and that they are going to work on it. I agree compleatly with this, and units changing from faction to faction. Good idea!
  7. Zander


    Other it's a bug, the league is full, or you are not an eligible leval. Hope this helped
  8. So true creamyfinger........ So true.
  9. This happened to me- just tell them to try again in the menu. Three times worked for my members.
  10. Mabye a couple more units, as well as more strategic positioning I.e, hills, forts, bunkers.
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