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World Warfare
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  1. By playing every stupid Warfare game till I finally found this one (:
  2. Sooo right next to a level 13 ... just capped this city thank god , however now going to lose bombers and gigas for this "short fix" ....
  3. All great opinions guys and girls !! I dig it . To me the only problem I see is how fortune is shared , all Wolfpack members fully understand the rules and expectations of our LC's , so no issues on my side . Thanks -JaiJai
  4. Nice diagram dom lmfao , miss you bro !
  5. Right ?! New medals to me is like when a new subwoofer comes out for my car , gotta get it .
  6. Looking forward to the battle scarred General
  7. Woh !!!! I am blown away , since your asking Telwar to respond I won't even go into things , just know someone's not being honest within that message lol .
  8. They removed the screen recorder option , only way you can still screen record using airshou is if you downloaded it before they removed the option , I'm still able to record however once they take it away I will prolly buy one .
  9. Yes plz join ! Going to take me a while to edit my latest video , especially when I'm trying to score some city's lol , but I'm getting to it ! Thanks !
  10. My YouTube channel is set up , will update it regularly and add new videos when I can ! Pls subscribe https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC3Yu8vfFNE7xZF-7lCeyE5w
  11. Thanks for your thoughts dom , I downloaded a screen recorder and I have been testing it out , should be ready to go by the time we start the isles of war , after I finalize the YouTube channel I will send everyone a link . (: thanks dom
  12. Ahh yeah absolutely ! That would actually prolly be the best route for them , in game ads seriously boost the light on games !
  13. Thank you for your thoughts , as I was saying in the post I'm not much into social media , however I will start screen recording next field , then will add commentary and upload to YouTube , I think that will be neat and will help shine light on this game , again thank you for your thoughts Florian (:
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