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World Warfare
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  1. By playing every stupid Warfare game till I finally found this one (:
  2. Sooo right next to a level 13 ... just capped this city thank god , however now going to lose bombers and gigas for this "short fix" ....
  3. All great opinions guys and girls !! I dig it . To me the only problem I see is how fortune is shared , all Wolfpack members fully understand the rules and expectations of our LC's , so no issues on my side . Thanks -JaiJai
  4. Nice diagram dom lmfao , miss you bro !
  5. Joke ? There will always be people that pay , at the same time it honestly comes down to how much time your on compared to an opponent and of course skill and strategy is always involved , not to mention a great league to have your back . Just a thought (:
  6. Shizzles lmao I love you fetus
  7. Absolutely , that's what I was saying . It's not impossible lol , lvl 15 turrets can still be taken out quite easily when your running with 30 stugs . It would just eliminate ppl running in with 30 stugs and only losing meat shields
  8. Right ?! New medals to me is like when a new subwoofer comes out for my car , gotta get it .
  9. Great points guys , I'd love to see a map with just the top leagues in it , it would help the lower leagues not get crushed by bigger leagues . At the same time it would show who is the top league , fierce battles nail biting action strong battle rants in main and BF chats is what I need I think (: thanks for bringing this to light Kratos / Zeus . JaiJai - Officer of Team Phantom -Wolfpack
  10. Looking forward to the battle scarred General
  11. Woh !!!! I am blown away , since your asking Telwar to respond I won't even go into things , just know someone's not being honest within that message lol .
  12. They removed the screen recorder option , only way you can still screen record using airshou is if you downloaded it before they removed the option , I'm still able to record however once they take it away I will prolly buy one .
  13. I agree 100 percent , I've been saying this since I started (1 year ago) . Turrets being able to target would eliminate the issue of ppl sending in scouts to get hit first , transports being hit 2nd , I took this and ran with it . However if I could target stugs instead of bullet catchers being hit , it would make it a lot harder to gain city's . Which I'm more then happy for that to happen . (:
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