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World Warfare
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  1. Probably too late didn’t read anything lol but here this goes
  2. Mastercheifs

    PC version

    these are some pics of this game on PC great game I recommend you guys check it out of course I love mobile have for the last 2 almost 3 years I think. but the pc version has really made a soft spot for itself. fast paced high action. very different yet the same. just go check it out
  3. Mastercheifs

    Best Moments.

    I was also in the battle with strong souls I’m the league in the top corner of many of these recent photos in the top right yellow to strong souls and red to Rommel.but my fight against white council have been amazing. They are a very fun and respectable league who I would love to fight more often they outnumber us so I’ve had to use careful planning and traps to out do them here is the best plan I’ve came up with that worked.(will also have other Pics to show how many of them there are) (I used shield to get time to come up with plan)
  4. Mastercheifs

    Best Moments.

    The first league I joined was called CONCLAVE and was top 30 when I first joined but it was a dead league I realized and this was back on golden empire I think was the name. And then I made a league called Duskywing that didn’t last long because I accidentally gave leadership to a inactive. Then I met a player most people know that goes by Greek and I made a league called Deathsquad007 and he was the first person to join it with me and even after I left that league he and I were still battle buddies and still are but now I just float around decreasin my stats lol. And I feel happy that m post on the one year anniversary inspired this one. If it didn’t then nvm lol but I love seeing stuff like this mastercheifs
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