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World Warfare
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  1. Moab


    Some oil zones are completely blocked by mountains, i feel like they shouldn’t be like that
  2. The game keeps crashing nonstop in a battle, this issue has gone on for countless months and still isnt fixed? Come on... get this bug out please
  3. I am unable to load the app... it seems to be stuck on downloading assets index...
  4. Note that the T30 heavy tank destroyer should be an lc troop...
  5. New troop idea, T30 heavy tank destroyer similar to the T29 heavy tank... We understand why it has taken so long due to the technology the sub has vs other troops... torpedoes may be a good idea to add in the arsenal for ships
  6. Id hate to tell ya man but its not that its hurting other strategies... if i was being attacked and had troops to defend the city, I'd shoot down the gigs, then I'd beable to have a better defense... to be quite honest im one of those guys that doesnt want to have to rebuild a hundred times to keep a full army... the gigs aren't the problem... its the defenders that whine about getting their butts kicked and losing their city so they will say that some troops are overpowered... like i said if there was a problem when i was getting attack... id find and solve the problem not whine to the devs a
  7. Because it would be a bit op... think about it... no setup time but more range? I find people including my own league using 20+ arties in one army...
  8. Im not liking that the gigant transports got a nerf health wise... we need protection for our troops and the transports are our protection. Please buff the transport back to the way it was so we have a better chance of saving troops. Thank you
  9. Moab


    1:The zurge group. 2: epic plane positions ✈️
  10. Thats the thing I can't include screenshots for some reason
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