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World Warfare
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  1. I would advise to not go with a higher textured image for the upgrade screen of each unit. Graphics should remain consistent in the game. The background picture in the first picture is fine for this issue because it's treated closer to concept art vs being a something that actually 1 for 1 resembles something in the game. But both of these are probably just placeholders. The new buttons are superior they are much more simply presented. You get to see everything without it feeling cluttered as well. So a great choice no complaints. Besides just missing a clear indication on where the settings button is but I willing to bet that was just overlooked when making the concept design for this. Hopes for future possible reworks 1. Make it easier to navigate to your officer squad selection from the main menu. 2. Redesign officer selection so you can sort them by what they do to easily be able to find the one you need. 3. Add seasonal rankings and MMR rankings to to the regular ranking list as for new players the location of where they are can be confusing. But it looks like with this rework you will be force to move the MMR rankings so I am curious where you currently plan to put it.
  2. Can you clarify you said it starts in 2 days (today) but first match doesn't start until 10/2 which is 4 days from original post time.
  3. If you end up having having a lot of officers it can get very chaotic trying to figure out which more niche ones you need specially if you're mismatching a few and some look very similar. The Squad system is nice but is very linear and you don't always know if you're going to spend amethyst that game to unlock more Officer slots for that battleground. So only works for a base set of 5. I feel its a very easy fix to make it. Make it so each one has a value or 2 representing what they are aka Economy, Tanker, Airman, Cannoneer, Navy, and Building. A lot of the Economy ones also duo as a Cannoneer or whatever it might be which is where the ones with multiple values would come from. Then simply make an officer tab you can choose which officers group to view. Now I know some players won't have this issue as obviously the longer you play the more familiar you will get with each face but I don't think that is a good enough reason also even for those people who knows each face it will still make it easier for them as well being able to lower the amount of officers you have to sift through.
  4. Shields need to be halved. They are way to long. Very much detracts from the gameplay. Otherwise its pretty good.
  5. No permanent skin just shows how money hungry you guys are. New officer just makes Air overpower and is now not only the best city taker but also the best pvper. Map is boring and Navy is mostly useless in pvp somehow in a map that is mostly water. That's my opinion on the patch Extra not patch issue but recent customer support issue. I had a bug where 4 days in a game It restarted all my battlefield lab research, got rid of the 2000 amethyst lab I bought for that battlefield, got rid any extra flags I had spent resources on (+31 ish flags) and reset my battlescore not level though before I was going to get S+. I was told after weeks of going back and forth they could recoup me like 400 Amethyst. I tried to explain in just the lab alone I lost 2000 Amethyst after treating my like I was dumb and at this point 4+ weeks have passed they said they would do me a FAVOR and its a ONE TIME thing the could give me 2000 Amethyst only. Which annoyed me because I was treated through the whole conversation that their game bugging was my problem and it took FOUR WEEKS. And if god forbid it bugs again they wont do anything about it. I never responded so did not get the 2000 Amethyst. It's not even worth accepting the slap in the face at this point. And remember Amethyst is a mostly paid resource and this is how they treat people.
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