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World Warfare
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  1. Nicely done. From the opposite side of things. Godz and VVV playing in TI
  2. Kanerkano

    Mission title

    When the mission gets to "create a level 10 Air Force base" the text in the hud reads "build a lvl 10 munitions" instead of Air Force base, but it is correctly written when you click the ! For mission specifics
  3. Kanerkano


    A stug walks into a bar, or just an enemy city, and the waiter gives him 4 choices. There's the obvious choice, the one RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM, every time (let's call this a turret), and then I can list off every other structure in this little analogy... Why is it the stug chooses every other structure in range before it attacks the turret directly in front of it... Even the main city gets attacked before a turret... I get that you can't pick which unit it attacks but it's silly that the targeting mechanics would choose turret last over all other.... Any words of wisdom?
  4. Kanerkano

    League city issue

    I noticed that transporting 7500 steel to a league city, that the amount inside the city, without building anything was at 4800... I'm not sure what happened or if it as isolated but the amounts weren't even close.
  5. Is there ANY way we can change the color of the SS of the color of the opposite forces? With so many SS controlled cities in the middle it is VERY difficult to tell players and SS apart... I get they're both enemies, but one will kill you in your sleep, and the SS won't sneak attack you BC you didn't even realize they were there...
  6. Now that I can't move troops, my diamond purchased planes are crashing to the ground! Cmon guys! This is unheard of... How can this bug last for 4+ hours!
  7. When gold or tactics are given via a domestic affair, they don't ever show up. I've seen the steel or pop show up in my city, but never gold or tactic points.
  8. What did you do?!?!?! This no more attack when not in range change to please the whiners is horrible.... Now we have to know exact ranges, in our minds as there's no visual of their range, and move each unit within range in order to fire.... On THAT target, which means when that one is dead, troops won't move, and we have to repeat the process for each one... Sigh, this would definitely be much better broken than the fix that was presented.... Please go back to the way it was!!!!!
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