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World Warfare
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  1. I lost my account now. Trying to get it back.
  2. I have tried multiple times to load the game. I click on it from my home screen and it acts like it is loading for a few seconds. It then immediately crashes. My in-game name is Fastglove.
  3. There already is a resupply plane. It is part of the LC. You can select a territory like a village of city and it will fly there and resupply all of the troops there.
  4. They normally go the shortest route on roads, but that looks like a glitch. I would report it
  5. The reason they don't focus on infantry is because it is already really important. You have to have it to succeed, so it is weak on purpose. If it was to strong, it would be pointless. It is just meant to capture territories. They already have troops for the other things you suggested. People have suggested infantry improvements in the past, but it is mean to be weaker so it is not to op with capturing and being stronger.
  6. 3 cruisers shouldn't do anything to an Air Force now. You just have to rush them with bombers. They won't do much damage.
  7. Yeah, for the great quality of the game, it really isn't that large at all. I have bigger games that aren't nearly as complex. This only take 1.1 for me, and I consider my stuff to be very cluttered. One thing to do to reduce lag and storage is every time you are on delete all your messages and the league messages, especially the battle log. It really improves the quality of the game.
  8. I think it would be an interesting new aspect, however, I don't think naval is really that strong enough for it to do that much. They only real naval troop I use is the aircraft carrier for quick resupplies. It seems like this will be incorporated in the new map though, so we will have to see how it works out.
  9. This makes sense because the game is so complex. You have a lot more strategy then other games, and there are a bunch more modes or battles people are playing.
  10. That is a lot. I definitely agree it needs to be a little more even matched, but I do understand how the game needs money to stay alive. I think the cool down is a good solution, but even if there put it there, they can still gem new troops instantly.
  11. When is the next season going to start? I wasn't able to do much in this one, but I would like to be able to try again soon.
  12. These new troops look like they will make a nice refresher and add a layer of difficulty that will make the game more enjoyable. When will this new map come out? I think we are all looking forward to trying it out.
  13. It looks like a good refresher with naval being more important. Will you get naval sooner and more easily with less oil then?
  14. I quit my golden war to join along with the rest of my team, but now it won't let anyone join (look at world chat). This is a big problem and we were all looking forward to it, but there is no way to contact support from the main menu. Please work to solve this as I know a lot of commanders are upset.
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