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World Warfare
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  1. So, I don't have many screenshots of the beautiful fireworks, but I do have a suggestion... Add in a different turret, or make a split upgrade at lvl 5 which allows for a range of 320 and high damage against land but no AA ability or a multi purpose turret that can engage both air and land however isn't very good against both, similarly a turret upgrade at lvl 5 that allows a huge aa defense but has no attack against ground, would allow a little more customization of the cities defenses, and would cause attackers to have to come up with new innovative strategies Names "Varro" in game
  2. I think it'd be a cool idea to have the roads upgrade with the admin zones, but have the lvl cap at 5 to match the resource zones. But have the roads increase with the zones lvl Also kinda wish I could load medium tanks into transports, but like have the base load points for the Medium Tank Bn be 5 so it isn't like I'm dropping 20 tanks from 5 transports...
  3. naw, I just despise people who are on steam who don't play for the team but eh, it's just another fight in a world of warfare
  4. what they mean I'd because he is just capping the points, he isn't getting any xp nor is he making any valuable contribution other than victory points towards your faction. Without that do he has to keep abandoning areas in order to keep it up an he can't connect those rec points he keep swiping from you to his city, so he has no real use for them. Players like him are worse than IA players and should be wiped. If you want him gone see if you can get a player on the other faction to strike his city for you. Should be fairly easy since it sounds like he is an a****le and should be eradicated,
  5. Varro

    League Cities

    That makes no sense... I've made league cities before as a league officer in the last battle we were in
  6. Varro

    League Cities

    So... League officers can't make league cities?
  7. Varro

    League Cities

    so... I'm having the exact same problem as last time... Except I checked, and staff officers/league officers are able to build league cities... however im still getting that no access in the new battle were in... I have the resources, I have the access... But what is going on?.? Screenshot of the league permissions
  8. Same thing with the shipyard and the army bases, but it does seem like something that could be fixed so you can still land aircraft there so you can rearm and refuel them
  9. Good sir, since you have been so helpful in the past, I was wondering, what is gold used for? Or has the idea yet to be implemented? I primarily ask because many of my battle buddies are asking
  10. Varro

    League cities

    it's really no problem, id rather be a helpful community member than be someone who just lets the devs and admin answer all the in-game related questions. Players need to take an active part in these forums, only way you guys get the feed back and other players can congregate to learn new tips and tricks to the game
  11. Varro

    League cities

    First you have to have a quartermaster which is essentially the commercial center for a league city, except you can't buy stuff. Then you have to transport the supplies to the city from one of your cities ( these transports a extremely vulnerable to enemies such as rebels), these supplies can be resources (although the on,y resource you need is steel), armaments, or supplies for your troops, once the supplies reach the league city, just do the same process you would normally go through to send the supplies from your city to another city. When you do this succesfully that big German jet thing w
  12. No, the enemy had a league city and we "destroyed" it, meaning they had to re pacify the city or "rebuild it". After about 3 days I used the paratrooper tactic to attempt to capture the city and my paratroopers got stuck capturing the city with their own status bar looking just like that, except it said capturing. The city itself had been stuck like that for about two days before my attempt to capture.
  13. Varro

    League cities

    Anton win the league can use a league city, so they can all land aircraft for,instance and refuel and rearm them if the league city is closer than their cities or,it can restore a unit to full power... Also league cities can transport supplies quicker than normal cities as the league cities use cargo JETS to transport supplies see the images below... Also league cities have the best defenses when it comes to,damage but they don't get tot,the same range as lvl 5 turrets on a normal city until the league turret is level 5 which requires a fully upgraded league city which is resource intensive,a
  14. Varro

    League cities

    Before I found out about the cap, I was going to keep marching forward, any cities I capped and didn't need I was going to convert to league cities, effectively locking down the entire area behind me so no new players could spawn in nor could my enemies flank me as easily. It would also give my allies so many new resupply points. it was a grand plan, probably a reason why there is a cap on it
  15. Varro

    League cities

    So far I've found that you can have 5, however I not sure if this increases as your league levels up or not
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