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World Warfare
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  1. It has been an honor and pleasure fighting with all of you over the past few years. Weve kicked some serious ass and won against all olds. I formed the league luckystrikes when this game was in the early stages of development. I have seen it grow and change. For the better and worse. And its the worse part that is what has made me decide to stop playing and retire luckystrikes from the game. I will miss you all and i thank you so much. But paying to win or paying just to keep up with others is no longer worth it to me. I have other joys and loves in life and wwf is not going to take any m
  2. Yeah, so ah........ how to we get that 88 mm flak 41 again? League munitions factory of zero? Seems like a bad prank. Thanks for looking into this for all of us.
  3. Great googly moogly! A new map!!! I thought I'd never see the day! Long over due. Thanks Devos.
  4. Yep, never known a ww2 era aircraft carrier that pulled up to an island somewhere and shelled it with its deck cannons..... however, they have shot down plenty of aircraft. AA would have been a much better choice. And more realistic. But I've never seen a spruce goose type aircraft air-drop 14 m40 self propelled artillery, whirlybird anti-aircraft guns, and a few tiger tanks out the back either.... as long as we're on the topic of realism. Just saying the game could use a strong dose of realism injected into the strategic dynamics. I hope the next few phases of this update will include mor
  5. Letter to the devs, it has has been over a year now since the release of several new units. The time has long been overdue for the release of new units to use on the battlefield. There have been numerous suggestions for new units. Please listen to your players. M40, mobile AA, gigs and strats are getting pretty old. New unit suggestions that have come up; submarines, Navy to navy stuka airplanes. Air to air, air to ground. half tracks. Ground trasnports anti tank infantry, and a few others. Open for suggestions from others.
  6. They just pushed the Mx time back another hour. 1:00 am eastern now.
  7. This is a message to the developers and players. Hello all and and thanks for reading. I've been playing this game for quite a long time now and would consider myself a veteran. I've played the game, lived with the growing pains, and seen it become a pretty solid strategy game. The developers have listened to a few of the suggestions passed up by the players and have let a few of us help in the process of making this game more enjoyable for everyone. Which is a good thing. However, some of us vets are starting to lose interest due to a few key factors of any game in which playe
  8. Hahahaha. Too funny. Omg I can't breathe. Hahaha...... what a loser you are. Leave with whatever dignity you have left.
  9. This must really be digging into that sore loser skull of yours. I think it's funny how much you've lost your mind. No no no. Keep going. I'm enjoying your melt down more than you know. Tick tock tick tock. More of your precious time wasted on this game. I can actually hear the air deflating from your giant head.
  10. Why don't you waste more time that you say you don't want to spend on this game to spew more lies. Your ego can't comprehend what happened. This is hilarious. Just except it king. You lost. The end.
  11. Again king, worry about your own league. Oh wait..... you kicked them all out. About fairness, real life isn't fair, but this isn't real life. It is a game in which rules and limits are fixed and set and everyone who enters has a fair shake. However, if you spend money on this game, it undeniably improves your chances of winning drastically. Also if you exploit glitches in the game, it also increases your chances of winning. Luckystrikes wouldn't have dreamt about doing the shield glitch until you showed us it was even a thing. So we gave you a bit of what goes around comes around. I do
  12. By the way, I love the Stuka idea. Give the Stuka high ground unit damage ability, low building damage. Slightly lower the strategic bombers ground unit damage.
  13. Aircraft carriers should have air defense. City turrets should be able to select which target they can attack, to prevent scout cover. Unit type limits need to be implemented. I.e. Max 20 bombers/ strats, scouts or whatever per player. This prevents many different unbalanced scenarios from occurring. A " same speed " function needs to be added to ship groups or aircraft, units should be able to match same speed as slowest unit grouped. This will allow for formation traveling. Oh and sheild cool downs should be extended to one sheild per 24 hour period. This prevents certain members from
  14. So glad I showed up for one round with the Chinese. Sarcasm injected. Was faced with various forms or cheating to include, but not limited to, users with multiple accounts, or jail broken phones, a unlimited heal glitch, all members with impossible specific troop count for stage of play, a reward given for an invalid amount of cities captured, and so on. If you feel like telling me that this is how you're suppose to play the game and that I'm suppose to just deal with it, I fear you have misjudged the reason why we boycotted season 2. And until this has been address, we will boycott future
  15. Captrazor

    Halloween Event!

    A nice Halloween night spent watching young Frankenstein, and drinking stone IPA. Not too shabby. Oh and Killin it on the naval map. LuckyStrikes for the win.
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