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World Warfare
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  1. Will you be introducing more famous submarines like the German U-Boats? (Das Boot!). Will you also adding tech for the submarines to upgrade them? Also will the sub attack one ship at a time? Will the torpedoes have area effect damage? Will the sub be able to attack without surfacing? and finally will subs be able to carry commandoes for land deposits? (Maybe introduce special navy commandoes?) talking about commandoes when will you introduce bazookas or anti-armor weapons that can take out tanks affectively? when will you give commandoes the ability to set demolition charges affectively damaging building units and turrets? any midget submarines?
  2. It’s not bad, but not great either. First off, those Lancaster Bomber skins you made with the orange tiger motif makes them look like Halloween toys...really lame and bad taste in design. Might want to come with something more realistic and give Lancasters even more abilities with special skin...like adding 20 percent more speed, more hitpoints and 2000 DEFENSE against cruisers AA. You’ve overpowered cruiser AA - its unrealistic, only a tiny portion of flak hit bomber formations during WWII. Talking about realism...you need to ditch the Suicide tactic, super lame...because it completely messes up gameplay on all sides. Lastly why don’t you make switching from tankers to air skills costs less diamonnds? Its just greedy and stupid to charge that much to players who have spent money on developing the skillsets. For 2 years now, everone has advised you to create different city types and objectives to make this game more interesting instead of the same old taking a city objective. I guess you either dont care or have no imagination?
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