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World Warfare
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  1. One thing I forgot to mention is my opinion on salvo ability for tanks. Please ignore anyone who mentions this as an option. I’m a tanker and I live with the struggles of my units being all hit simultaneously by area damage units. As much as I’d love for my tanks to have that kind of power, it is completely ridiculous to consider this. I run groupings on my tanks to prevent them from over killing m40 in 20 second refreshes. With this in mind, I could make 5 tigers with a full tac and activate salvo ability and kill any amount of m40 in a 20 second refresh. Please do not consider this. I strong
  2. Before talking about any suggestions I have, I strongly believe that light tanks and Shermans are where they should be. I would not advise many changes to these units as they are strong enough at early stages of the map which seems to be well balanced with the other early game units. The bigger issues arise in mid to late game when bigger tanks such as heavy tanks and super tanks encounter large masses of flak and m40. My suggestions that I have in mind that I would like to bring to your attentionare the following. 1. Firstly, I recommend implementing a progressive attack range syste
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