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World Warfare
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  1. This game is going downhill. Players used to love this game due to its large scale PvP but now it is all farming. Why wasting any time developing PvE features? This game has lost its player base at the fastest pace in last 12 months, thanks to all those 6 man maps, MMR, and pointless swift map.
  2. This map is going to the right direction, especially with SS tigers being put on hold, and speed at 1.5x. However, need to bring this map back to its original scale. Need to allow at least 200 players, and 20 team size, and maybe reduce time to vote to 4 days. With these changes, active players may come back to play again
  3. The new bomber officer release in S4 will completely throw off the game balance. Why introduce an officer to explicitly offset the airman/cannon class balance in this game? Cannon AA has extra defense against bomber as its class specialization. But now, we introduce an officer for bomber to offset that. Also don’t forget that bomber has much higher HP than AA, so the extra defense helps bomber a lot more than on AA. What is going to happen in S5? Introduce another officer to increase AA defense against bomber? maybe you guys can continue to do this in circle by releasing a new officer every season to cancel the effect of what was introduced in previous season? As for the new map, it is made for PvE, end of discussion. This game will die if you continue to make PvE maps, not because people don’t like PvE, but because PvE is not your competitive differentiation against other games. What makes this game stand out is large PvP battles. There are hundred of other games to choose from if people want to do PvE.
  4. Just to give you a specific example, I did the one and only 1 PvP battle in this map, and killed 60+ bismark, 20ish cruisers and 20 m40. My BF level barely moved at all after this battle. Why wasting time to do PvP if you can easily get 100k XP by killing rebel battleships and forts? Also, this map gives ridiculously large number of arms (bismarks, NCs, and cruisers) to players from completing missions. Are we trying to turn this game into an arcade game?
  5. This map is broken. Way too many exp from killing rebels. Everyone is farming the map instead of fighting PvP. The worst map ever made for this game
  6. I think we all agree that tank class needs improvement, which is why this thread is created in the first place. Yes, with the current game, tank unit such as tiger slowly become a supporting troop after day 1 of a map. However, I am not sure the solution is to “let us just give AoE dmg ability” to tanks. Well, it is a solution but it a cheap way out and will destroy the balance of this game. We don’t want a game where everyone can simply “drop my units, click auto attack, and hope for the best”. We need to offer different gaming experience for people who would prefer to take up to the challenge and figure out ways to counter enemy moves. To improve the playability of tank class, without drastically impacting the existing game balance, we can consider 3 things 1:) improve the defense value of tank class against artillery class. The main purpose of a tank is to be able to get up close and personal with enemy units. We should consider doubling or even tripling the current “artillery defense value” of tiger from 2000 to maybe 6000. This change will not impact AT or bomber’s damage against tank, because that defense bonus is only against artillery 2:) Tank should be able to move a lot faster than artillery in any battlefield. So, we should increase the speed of tank. Maybe a simple way to fix this is to reduce the timer on force march to be a 5 second thing, so they can become mobile instantly, or just triple the base speed of tiger. Need some experiment on this to figure out an acceptable speed value. 3:) before flak was introduced, tigers could actually hold up reasonably well against artillery. But with the introduction of flak, especially, its ability to salvo AoE tigers, AND to ignore the extra defense value of tigers (flak is not considered as an artillery piece), what we have in game now is that 40 well placed flak 36 can easily kill 100 incoming tigers. This need to be fixed, so that flak can only do salvo against air units (which makes sense because bomber can also do AoE damage), but it should not be able to do salvo AoE against tanks. with these 3 changes, tank class will be able to play a much bigger role after day 1 of the map
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