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World Warfare
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  1. Still can’t notice much of a difference from the artillery tank defense on tanks. If Tiger tanks can’t fight m40s then King Tigers and Maus needs to be available at a lower munitions. This really keeps the tankers in the game down.
  2. During WWII, a little over 1200 Tiger tanks were produced by the Germans. While the U.S produced over 50,000 Sherman. With that being said, as good as the Sherman’s and tiger tanks were, nothing was scarier to the allies than coming face to face with a tiger tank. I know there are multiple different tank units in the game but remember, Tiger tanks would rip through Sherman’s and T-34s like paper. There are plenty of stories of a single tiger tank destroying 50s Sherman’s and T-34s alone. My suggestion would be to make the tiger tanks at least, as powerful as m40s. Tanks were some of the main fighting force during the Second World War.
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