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World Warfare
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  1. SBoots

    Unable to cap city.

    I was able to confirm the theory. When you have more than 30 Admin Areas occupied and no city's, you are not permitted to cap a city or respawn. When you demo the 30th Admin Area and reduce your Leadership Points to 29, you will be prompted with a warning similar to when you are demolishing a city. I'm not sure if this is by design or an unintentional consequence but I'm very happy I know now. Hopefully we can get the word out to reduce frustration.
  2. What if there was friendly fire? For example when M40's have to turn their guns on targets immediately next to them, should they not receive splash damage? I'd like to see AOE count against all targets so that blitzing tanks pose more of a threat.
  3. SBoots

    Unable to cap city.

    I was advised that this has happened to other players when they are without a city and in control of more than 30 zones. I will update when I've had the opportunity to test this theory. The Battlefield I experienced this in has just ended.
  4. When executing Air Drop Supplies, it appears the Engineering Vehicle is not included. I've tried twice to make sure with the same result.
  5. SBoots

    Unable to cap city.

    After losing all my city's I was able to secure another however I am unable to cap the city. I have a league city and am not permitted to return it back to a city either.
  6. After capturing a resource tile, sometimes the tiles that were being upgraded or rebuilt will be stuck in a state of construction. Nothing appears to correct the situation in game.
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