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World Warfare
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  1. Playing devils advocate here....if everyone wants an equal playing field for tournaments, don't just stop at not allowing gems, request that all troop level upgrades that are done with gold be removed just for tournament so troop levels are the same for every player...and for that matter, allow everyone full use of tactics...any lower ranked players may not have all 8 tactic slots unlocked and that creates a disadvantage. Gemming doesn't mean automatic wins, you have to know game tactics and strategies to really dominate. You see what i did there? I am putting things into perspective and i am sure many saying no gem use wouldnt like for troop upgrades and tactics to be taken away or equal....this game has too many bugs for me to be concerned with a league winning a tournament because they like to gem and apparently never sleep for a 4 day period...or have multiple people playing an account...either way, bug fixes before more changes is what i want to see.
  2. I would agree that our most intense and fun PvP battles happened in Golden Empire. I think bringing back the victory point system adapted with some of the more recent changes would encourage this type of fighting again. When they finally made Tiger hunting a thing of the past, it was a step in the right direction. Now we just need the objective based territories that everyone fights over.
  3. The fact is, this game was built to make money and gems are the premium currency. For the developers to limit or disallow the use of them in any field would be taking money out of running and developing the game...so like it or not, the "wallet warriors" keep this game running. Go play Game of War, Mobile Strike, Clash of Clans...any of the big profit games and see who is on top....the ones that spend the most money, that is how these games are designed. With that said, they are also designed for a casual player that doesn't spend money to be successful to with more struggle of course and more patience. This game is about tactics and strategy and money mongers aren't always on top if they lack the proper skills and tactics against good tacticians.
  4. Glad to see the announcement of a new map, it is much needed to refresh the game and keep things interesting. When can we hope to play this new map?
  5. The image of the ranking just proves the theory that the Chinese league is developers of friends of such, as there is no way possible that NATO is in first, they got second in our league battle adn Chinese dont even show in rankings....proves that this game will control how the "rewards" flow....what a load of crap
  6. Devs....please focus on bug fixes first and dont make constant changes to the game because people always want something else. The fact is that no matter how many bells and whistles you put into this game, someone isnt gonna be happy about the game. New major changes shouldn't take place this frequently....bugs should be priority, especially when some of the current bugs have been present for 3 versions of the game. Sure i could point out things that i would like to be added or changed but people need to do what some of us have done and learned to be successful with the new changes by changing strategies.
  7. Playing in Beta and am testing the advanced units in league city....not sure i am a big fan the joint munitions with the configuration in beta. There needs to be a better way to track/regulate the dispersement of munitions to league members. Possibly even a better method to track member donations to the league city.
  8. Can we get the option to reset technology upgrades? In other words, we now have the option to reset tactics and choose others by spending some diamonds. Even though the new tech tree will be fully unlocked, I would like to be able to reset what techs I have upgraded and essentially reuse the gold to update other tech. I have seen this option in many games before and would like to have this option as I enjoy changing up my style of play and use of different troops often. I would like to be able to reset my tree to only upgrade troops that I want to focus on for a battle or two etc....give it some thought, let me know what u think
  9. Another thing that I forgot to mention in my first post, we need the ability to transport resources with transport planes. Kinda seems odd that this feature was never added.....make it happen ?
  10. I would pretty much agree with most of what's been said above and will add a to what Sneaky is saying. My first thought was that we still don't have enough opportunities for getting BP's and gold, but really when you think about it, with the current munitions level requirements for advanced armaments they are all basically useless even if you have them unlocked. By the time you get the city and munitions lvl high enough, there is really no time left even use the advanced troops because the battle is basically over. It also appears that we will never see expanded lvl 5 troops on the battlefield again with the current setup. If the munitions lvl requirements are going to stay the same and the base lvl requirements for expanding are going to stay the same, the build times for these building needs to greatly be decreased. Let's be honest, we all want to be able to use the advanced armaments when we unlock them but never even have a chance due to time constraints with leveling the relevant buildings.
  11. WildHawk


    You're not the only one with crash issues....I lost count of the number of crashes I have had over the last 2 days...I would say close to two dozen times and this is not just on one device, I use an ipad mini 2 and an iphone 6 plus and the crashes occur on both.
  12. I would like to see the League Battles only start once either all 6 teams have the minimum of 4 players or at least 4 teams have that minimum player number. The way it currently works provides such a huge advantage for the team that starts first, which is great if you are that league, but if you are one that comes in "late", playing catch up can be almost impossible. I think only starting the league battles when the majority of the league slots are filled, this would even the playing field and give all leagues a fair shot to really compete.
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