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World Warfare
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  1. i think tanks need a armor increase and an m40 and flak NERF. piles of AoE just make tanks useless late game. the simple fix is armor and attack range increases. this way they can attack the m40s quicker. and also a buff to attack vs vehicle would do LOTS.
  2. i’ve got 2 for ya: no.1 use commandos to sneak into the city and see the defenses. commandos are super good against artillery so they’ll help attack very well. then using large transports drop the best tanks you have into the core, then off to the side, airdrop your stugs and your artillery. target turrets and troops first. no.2 this one is short and sweet. as many Avro Lancasters as you can make and a few ju junkers or SBD dauntless. send the lancasters on the turrets because of the building attack and the other planes on troops. then airdrop as many M40’s and you can mak
  3. new troops: Air: air has always felt unbalanced IMO bc at first it’s just scouts and transports the. suddenly it’s bombers late game. at munition factory level 5 we have the P-47 thunderbolt fighter. this is a less powerful fighter than the p-51 mustang meant to make air feel good throughout all stages of the game. at league munition factory level 4 we have the P-63 kingcobra fighter. doing damage to both buildings,ground and air, this best is slower than a jet fighter but packs a big punch. navy naval combat needs a lot of attention. getting a harbor is a decent
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