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World Warfare
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  1. Waking up to an easter Sunday, have a good one everybody😄🙏🏼 Username- SaintXer0
  2. It would be alot better for me so I can log back into my other accounts like I was able to a while back by disconnecting accounts from gamecenter and adding others. I have lost one of my good accounts because of this and it agervates me that I wont be able to get back on it. I beleive if it could be changed back a lot of people including me could get some other account back because I am not the only one with this problem.
  3. TheDarkSaint

    GODz help

    If there are any Moderators, Devs, or anyone that can help please get on quick.
  4. This is the thing in this game that ticks me off the most, a while back you could unlink accounts but now if you try it was say this and it helps nothing and prevents nothing. Idk why it happened but I would really love it if the developers would make it to where we can unlink accounts. It would help a lot and just cause ALOOOOOT less confusion
  5. I think it would be better to add a medic ability too jeeps. Plain and simple as that.
  6. I would like to thank the people at world warfare for makeing one of my suggestions come true thank yall so much.???
  7. Instead of makeing the world rankings top 100 why not make it top 250 to have a better picture of what the real rankings are.
  8. I have another idea that could really come in handy to world warfare players. Naval bombers/Attackers. Back in ww2 navy bombers and attackers were meant to be a balanced plane on the front lines also while giving air support. Back then navy bombers and attackers could bomb, attack like fighters, and also defend themselves with a gunner in the back which I think will be extremly useful especially when a bunch of scout planes come out of nowhere and start killing your bombers. I beleive this will be one of the favorites if the moderators decide to make one. It will help alot and it could be the next famous unit everyone uses. And thank you for takeing a look I really apreshate it?✌?.
  9. I have another great idea that WILL MOST DEFINITLY help players. A league training map. If put into progress each league will be givin a feature which lets them go into their "Personal league training map" where players can learn how to play better and try not making any mistakes. I beleive this is a great idea because it will greatly improve team communication so each player knows what their comrads are doing because of their training. Thanks for the look at?✌?
  10. Username- 闇TheDakSaint闇 On this year's 4th of july I will be spending my time finishing off this battlefield with a gold and shooting off fireworks for the name of our great country! ????
  11. I have found another great idea that poped into my head for makeing this game amazing. 2 words-Medic Troop. I beleive since we have losses sometimes and most of them at the begining of a battlefield are caused by those stupid rebels that spawn right near a pack of your infantry that have low health cause they have been in a battle already. I know people hate that and so do I. So I am here telling you all this because I think it would be really usefull to have a medic troop helping out. Basicly an onfield medic troop that has a heal button and you can select the troop you want to heal but since the developers like makeing the game tricky why not make the healing process take a little longer instead of something like you can only heal a troop 1 time per hour per say, because we all know something stupid like that will happen. And thanks for reading, thumbs up to make it happen???
  12. I have a great Idea!!! Maybe the developers can make different verieties of troops in the game. For instence we have a regular light tank=Panzer a tank in the german army. Maybe we could also have american, italian,russian, and maybe japan light tanks. like instead of just haveing a light panzer tank we could also make it more interesting by haveing a russian T-50 tank or some other light tank. We could also do this for bombers, fighters, Med tanks, Heavy tanks, etc. I think it would be fun an exciting to see what oponents bring to the table in a fight, and haveing different kinds of light tanks and stuff would be interesting, Thanks for reading too?✌?
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