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  1. Just in case you missed it, here's a video recap of the October 2020 update. There are some new game changes for novice players, and now there's a new season for seasoned Commanders. Now that's a Battle! Let us know your thoughts, as more updates are soon to come! https://youtu.be/RxO4WInyoo4 Regards, World Warfare Team
  2. Greetings Commanders! We hope your domination of the battlefield is triumphant so far! Recently we've been trying to get our YouTube channel audience to grow, and what better way to do that, than with the players that help build it. Here, you can submit (up to 2min) videos of anything you'd like, and if it looks good, then we might post your gameplay on the channel. We want this audience of soldiers, commanders, and strategic players, to expand and grow. Help us grow by subscribing and sharing videos you're featured in! Submission Requirements: 1)Video MUST be less than 2min in
  3. how interesting.. what a good number of ally members should one be a part of? who are good mentors for fresh newbies?
  4. When you're playing World Warfare, what's your ultimate strategy to success? More-so, what advice would you give to novice players? Helping new Commanders compete in an ever-growing warzone, ensures everyone gets a fair chance to play, and gives everyone the opportunity to challenge themselves and prove their skillset. If you're a passionate WW2 enthusiast, an engineer with calculated planning, or even an actual vet with military experience, we'd like to hear from the veteran players themselves, on how newbies can master strategy with World Warfare. Regards, World
  5. Greetings Commanders! We're not always doom and gloom in the arms of warfare, we can express our passions for all things historical to ww1 and ww2. Many of those passions are expressed through different mediums be it: books, games, plays, and in this case movies. Can you name a world war movie that you enjoy. It can be straightforward action movies, historically accurate movies, or even controversial movies that challenge some of our morals here in the west. Even public domain movies work. We want to know movies that help contribute to your enthusiasm for ww2 in g
  6. Greetings Fellow Commanders! The path to victory is paved by a commanders' experience of a battlefield! As stated in prior posts, we want to up the ante and add more content to the World Warfare YouTube channel. Content like that stems from players who know our game well! If you wanted to participate, you'll have the chance to win diamonds for the videos and epic screenshot you curate. Below are some details to bear in mind: Rewards: (if accepted) 3k Diamonds for short videos 350 Diamonds for epic screenshots Theme: “Fireworks are Nothing Com
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