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World Warfare
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  1. I like your suggestion to make tanks faster on grassland seeing as tanks are an all terrain vehicle and were meant to be able to charge across plains into enemy installations raise the defense speed and hp
  2. First I would like to say that I’ve been playing this game since it came out. At the start of the game artillery and b-25s ruled the field. Then all the new troops came out and then flak and 40s ruled all. Tanks have always been a back burner 2nd rate troop. At the start of the game tanks are the best troops but after 1 day their pretty much obsolete unless you have a cannoneer or airmen attack with you for splash damage. The main thing is how much splash damage 40s and flak do to tanks. We either need a tank that has higher defense or higher vehicle damage. Although this could help it would not solve the problem. What we really need is a splash damage troop for takers. Every tech tree has a really good troop that can demolish tanks. Yet tankers have no troops that can counter splash damage from bombers arty or aa. Except commandos which lets be honest they are a joke. The only true way to solve this problem is to give tankers some sorta splash damage. This could be accomplished by adding a new tank that does a small amount of splash damage with HE shells, or give us a bf tech that adds that to tigers. I say tigers because they are the only realistic tank too add it to. Since m40s and flak can be gotten on day 1-2 it would be unfair to add this to maus or king tigers as they take way longer to get. Like i said the only true way to optimize tanks is to add a small amount of splash damage to them. -TheGrimReaper
  3. Love mom tattoo Contributers TheGrimReaper #37036 COLsquigles #56705 Giligan #176393
  4. Ok so first of all I know nobody really uses the forum anymore but maybe somebody important will see this so my suggestion is that for a while or for holidays release a battlefield called Vintage Battle or something because I don't know about the rest of the veterans but I've been playing this game for 4 years and I get so much nostalgia thinking back to the old days of this game when there were no league cities or league troops no light tanks stugs the only aa was Bofors and fighters no commandoes no science no tech and no vehicle versions of tank destroyers no resource zones only cities villages military zones and harbors and most of all no Officers just the basic raw game it would be great to get to play that version of the game again just to bring back memories and maybe bring back old friends to play it with and let it be just like the old days and most importantly to let all the new guys post-golden age and post-beta to get to see what the game was like back in the good days
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