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World Warfare
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  1. 1.坦克應該強化防,將戰場科技中提升防禦科技改變成研發完成就永久提升,讓坦克更耐打 2.戰場研發科技攻擊距離調整成+100%射程
  2. ken

    Christmas Event-2020

    我的生活 游擊 ID(標識號):954126
  3. 部隊無法進入運輸船,一定要到港口基地才可以,希望盡快修復 The troops cannot enter the transport ship. They must go to the port base. I hope to repair it as soon as possible. Form. Commander.游擊 ID:954126
  4. ken

    Halloween Event-2019

    ID 954126 游擊 Happy halloween
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