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World Warfare
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  1. Yes, we will add a filter.
  2. Thanks SnakeEater, We are estimating solutions for chat translation. There is some work to do. We haven't decided yet.
  3. Hey commanders, I ‘d like to share what we have been working on recently, so that you guys can have an outline of what is coming next. And you can also leave your opinions below. This thread will be updated constantly. What updated Online: Fixed a bug where push notifications can not be received. Next Patch: version 1.0.14. (Probably updated online next week.) What In Process: Optimize the game connection. What Been Done: Optimized the chat connection. Fixed a bug where commander banned by a league that he never joined. Fi
  4. The new version passed Apple review a few hours ago. We will release it on the coming Monday. This bug was fixed in this coming update. How about shortening the battle to 8 days?
  5. This issue was fixed too. it's corrected Maybe we need an option, then you can config it by yourself.
  6. Hey commanders, I'd like to share our new version which may be out on this Friday if not delayed by Apple review. Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug where troops got stuck at the corner of the map. (This problem has already been updated. Please keep us updated) - Fixing the bug that game will crash frequently when massive units battling within screen. (Reduced fire fx to support more units.) - Fixed some glitches that might cause frequent game crashes. (It hasn’t been fixed completely. Still working on it) - Fixed some glitches that caused game lags and server disconn
  7. I agree that we should not change all the time. I am trying my best to avoid unnecessary changes. And we will share every big change before it goes live, and provide preview test. I hope there will be less and less big changes.
  8. Hey Noodles, we will extend the join time limit to 2 hours for team matching. The spawn city will be kept within 2 hours. This change is included in next update. I will check this and fix it.
  9. Finished first battlefield and 50 hours. But starter can choose to match a normal battle too. This is coming in next update, a few days later, before changes mentioned here. I agree, we will set a reasonable length. We may also reduce the percentage from 80% to 50% for extending. I will think about the gold problem. I think you can change the Access setting by yourself. Agree, we are working on it.
  10. No, only starters are seperated. Once you finished your first battle and played for more than 50 hours, you are not a starter any more.
  11. 2+ troops for every lv 10 city of you own. The number is TBD. Yes, this problem will be fixed in next update, a few days later.
  12. Hey guys, I’ve read all your comments and suggestions about the current patch of World Warfare. And the design team had a long discussion and drafted a change plan for future adjustments. It’s just a big picture and you guys are always welcome to give your insights. 1. The map Global War will end at a fixed time(TBD), but you can vote to extend it for 2 more days or end it after the time is up, and note that you only have one chance to do so. 2. Flags (Leadership Pts): flags will be increased. The upper limit is twice as many as now or even more than twice. You can increase your fla
  13. I will leave the StuG as it is, and increase the defense of Turret. Thanks to Waffles and Ice. Actually we had a similar idea about more defense units. They are buildings, like the bunkers you guys mentioned. Because they can't move and won't be counted as troops. They can be built anywhere within your territory by infantry. This is just an idea for now. How do you like it?
  14. No problem. We are thinking about the flags limits now.
  15. Hey commanders, thank you for your opinions. We will reconsider. Please go on with any further opinions.
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