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World Warfare
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  1. I feel like crisis should have a new, special troop that makes it more unique than others. Like a troop that's very powerful to use, maybe it can attack both land, air, and sea, but has a defining weakness in combat. Idk. I overall like the map
  2. Can there be a new troop pls? I know it takes a while to put it into the game and all, seeing as to it could be a new meta and all, but to be honest, I would like something that would be used in huge battles, like how stugs are used when leagues start invading/taking over. I heard subs were in the game once and am not talking about something like that. Maybe helicopters? Idk. Just something that could be of use to every player, both new and experienced. It doesnt matter if it's in league cities or regular cities, just something to add a little spice to the game. You guys have done a very good
  3. I think that the speed should be higher(2x)and that we are only allowed 1 LC. Also since things in this map is shorter than usual, building time, training time, and armament speed should be increased(kinda like rite of passage but only about 25% faster). Overall, I like the map and idea ;D In game name is Krusher90001
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