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World Warfare
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  1. Map was very fun. Can you make all Ace tigers lvl 5? Also can you fix the glitch of league city? We were able to convert league city a city below level 10. Thank you all for putting an effort of giving us new challenges. Game name is Ricke14
  2. I agree with not having allies. And I like the idea Bloodmancer has, .....BUT.... even if you take away the ability of alliances and/or decide to go with Bloodmancer’s idea, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A WAY AROUND IT!!!!! Leagues (like the Chinese) will just have a verbal alliance agreement JUST LIKE IN CUP!!!! One way (like I suggested before) is to have a tournament type of map. Something like playoffs in sports. Where a league will be forced to fight another league in order to advance and make it to first place. If those 2 leagues choose not to fight each other then they will stay at a low bf
  3. First off, why make it 1x speed? 1x speed Is horrible! About alliances: I joined the crisis map to check it out and I see 4 decided leagues and their alt league in it. I agree that we should only be able to ally 1 league BUT that won’t solve the issue.. they can still have a VERBAL alliance! (Just like league do In CUP) There needs to be a way to force them to fight each other. Maybe make it like a tournament tree bracket where you can’t fight other leagues till you kill the league assigned to you. So you can maybe put neutral in good use.. for example: every league in the map wi
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