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  1. Schnack = 9,000 diamonds 90,000 gold Rotymir = 6,000 diamonds 60,000 gold captrazor= 6,000 diamonds 60,000 gold majord = 9,000 diamonds 90,000 gold panzer050 = 3,000 diamonds 30,000 gold ullman = 6,000 diamonds 60,000 gold p22 = 3,000 diamonds 30,000 gold kahners = 9,000 diamonds 90,000 gold madmarticus = 3,000 diamonds 30,000 gold plow = 6,000 diamonds 60,000 gold Couldn't get the list posted was busy sorry for the late reply
  2. So been 7 days with no feed back when we was getting feedback every couple of days I guess my comment was useless. I guess the response time is part of a issue as well tickets are good but getting good response on forums isn't working out like you make the players believe.
  3. First comment you changed the gigs to help new players. Defeats your own thought for the simple reason any new player can not win vs a vet league of players. Only thing that will help them that you majorly over looked is time spent playing and learning the game or getting lucky to join a decent league to learn faster. That's the only help a new player will ever have. If you don't see that then you need to start joining the major leagues that's out there and learn from us to see how the games played and what's most impactful to the game. Does the admin play at all. It's hard to make changes to
  4. Ok when I see people give ideas and no admin trying to let us know our feedback was passed on or let me get the bosss to read not one person likes this change. Now everyone else please take notice they told us about lowering the health health of the transports but failed to mention they also changed its defense rating. It used to be 700 and now it's 600 same as strat bombers. I'm now going into the transport replacement now but you act as if you are letting us know what's going on but are hiding small key changes that hurt just as much as the dropping of hp. dont give
  5. I'm going to end this right here. King you have no idea why the top leagues other than yours boycotted season 2. It wasn't about the gems. admin asked for help to fix thing for season 2 players gave there ideas and lucky was waiting for the fix as the rest of the other top leagues was. Our ideas to improve got twisted and turned or not even considered. For that reason it was decided by all of lucky to boycott as we informed the other leagues. Since the admin did no changes that the players was looking for we didn't go into season 2. Its that simple the idea of a 10k limit was twist
  6. No reply from a admin here maybe this was over looked months ago people don't like the way you took our idea of a 10k limit and invented the 10k purples because when you don't have purple you can replace them with diamonds. People wanted a limit in turnys not global or the other maps. Tac can't even be bought with purple people hate it and looks like to me the leagues doing silver now is lower than before look at rankings your self to see. The best way I can put it is fix this issue and others so you won't loose players. has money flow slowed down since you made this change? I know
  7. Rotymir

    Login Event Volume 2!

    "99% of failures come from the chat system and announcement system" thats what we should say. i have received only days 1,5,7,8 it seen if I switch apps and go back anouncments are acting like the chat system. I have to close the app completely to see new chats if it was sent while game is open in the background but not closed. The rewards you are sending seem to be acting in the same way. It could be tied to not doing a relog in when it reloads. Shutting phone down also seems to fix this as well. announcments don't come threw or show up each of the 4 days I seen was
  8. There is a tactic to save as many troops as you can because you have to wait a long time to remake troops and get back into the fight. By lowering hp of big transport I don't see that as needed. Once you do things like this to where you can't draw fire to protect some troops and considering the training time it takes to make some troops and get a lot back and the low iron rubber and oil around the global map will offset the balance of remaking because you want a trans to die faster. 15% isn't much but this change wasn't needed. The other draw back is the good big fights when aa and jets trying
  9. Rotymir

    Halloween Event!

    Been busy with the family to post so here it is, one thing I remember more than Xmas was Halloween all the fun of throwing eggs at cars. And o wait I just heard that happened when I was growing up lol. But getting lots of candy was so exciting. Since the 31st one of my daughters is eating more candy than table food lol she still isn't half way done. Going from house to house meeting old friends again but most of all giving the joy to my kids as I once had growing up was so much more fun than me actually getting the candy. Enjoy the pic she sure is enjoying the candy.
  10. For our better performance 4th place finish let me see if I got this right 18,000 gems plus 180,000 gold the bonus for each weeks finish finished 2 60,000 gold 2 60,000 gold 1 75,000 gold 6 ? 30,000 gold but I'm confused he said ranking 4-10 there is only 6 leagues if that's a typo and I'm right we should get 18,000 gems and 405,000 gold?
  11. I will post our members soon
  12. Busy as a beaver but why is city count in game different from current ranking in the first match it showed us with 34 city's you got 29 only thing I can guess is you are not counting lc but the game is?
  13. I will comment later more but first I want to say we have said how much we hate the ranking system with city count. 2nd you are ranking the teams as city counts but in the game when we are fighting you are ranked by points over city's. I know this because in game we was first at one point with less city's.
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