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  1. Schnack = 9,000 diamonds 90,000 gold Rotymir = 6,000 diamonds 60,000 gold captrazor= 6,000 diamonds 60,000 gold majord = 9,000 diamonds 90,000 gold panzer050 = 3,000 diamonds 30,000 gold ullman = 6,000 diamonds 60,000 gold p22 = 3,000 diamonds 30,000 gold kahners = 9,000 diamonds 90,000 gold madmarticus = 3,000 diamonds 30,000 gold plow = 6,000 diamonds 60,000 gold Couldn't get the list posted was busy sorry for the late reply
  2. So been 7 days with no feed back when we was getting feedback every couple of days I guess my comment was useless. I guess the response time is part of a issue as well tickets are good but getting good response on forums isn't working out like you make the players believe.
  3. First comment you changed the gigs to help new players. Defeats your own thought for the simple reason any new player can not win vs a vet league of players. Only thing that will help them that you majorly over looked is time spent playing and learning the game or getting lucky to join a decent league to learn faster. That's the only help a new player will ever have. If you don't see that then you need to start joining the major leagues that's out there and learn from us to see how the games played and what's most impactful to the game. Does the admin play at all. It's hard to make changes to something you don't play like the players do we learned things for a reason to become good players. Now next thing why did lucky use gigs over strat bombers as there health was so close to each other? First it's because the defense was 700 before. I know Jane said it was 600 before but the reason behind our tactic was the extra defense the gig had. Now both the strat bomber and gig have same defense and the trans has lower health now so what's the new meat shield the strat bomber because of its hp.. new players can get a gig trans faster than they can get a strat bomber all because you need a lc lvled with res sent. Lvl 1 lc makes a gig lvl 3 plus lvl 3 muni for strat bomber. now over a year playing this game did the strat bomber loose health faster than the gig trans when they was close in health? Yes why because it had 600 defense and the gig had 700 I'm not looking at tech tree for extra d I'm talking about base stat can any player correcting me and say that the gig trans lost health the same as a strat bomber? I don't have screen shots to prove it because I didn't know that was going to be changed. now you know why lucky used a trans and not a strat was because of the defense they last longer considering simuler health amount. its easy to use a strat now instead of a gig tran over a turret. It has same d and more hit points now. now before you go changing the turrets to help new players this is my feed back. i like where some of you are going with the turret ideas but this is why I don't like the ideas. 1. First targeting what troops you want with a turret will hurt new players as they could never cap a city from a experience player. 2. City's are meant to be capped and lost. They are not meant to be undefeatable. 3. Giving turrets target control or hit lowest health target or not hit wants on top of them cause more draw back such as a. It's the thing mentioned a few times here it's time. What I mean is it take a lot of time and res to make full army then send them out to fight. If someone comes at me with 10 stugz I'm targeting all his stugz until there dead then he looses the rest of his troops lvled up turrets can take a beating as well as dish one out. b. None of what I said above helps a new player but in return makes it pretty much impossible for them to take any city from a veteran player. what do I think the game needs? 1. Resources where are they? In cup it's a 3 star rss what I mean is it has 3 logos meaning it gives more to own that one vs the one with 1 logo. Water map has the 3star in the middle. Global has crap rss it was improved by adding more to the map at one time, but what makes cup or water map or even golden more fun to the players vs boring global map? It's because more rss more troops faster and when you got more troops you can start wars faster I really think rss need to be more across the board. 2. Cups league turny Asian pockets call it what you will, need more balance the recent change to give out so many free troops from missions takes all the skill and work effort out of the map. It's over by the first team that spawns earlyer or over when first team gets all those free bombers and fighters and aa. Once made first no team can defend while they just started making them or still havnt got them yet. Once a good battle breaks out and one side takes a lose to there bomber unit the map has its winner by then which is day 1. How long does cup last omg you said longer than 1 day well your wrong it won't even see day 3 or 4 because of all the free troops. if you changed it and got rid of them all together does it hurt lucky yes because it helps us to be on top with out much competition because we expand faster than most. So I'm not asking for a favorable change. Silver by the season Season 1 had 24 teams Season 2 had 19 because a lot of teams boycotted because our voices wasn't heard they still havnt and a 10k limit got twisted to the purple gems which no one likes if so show me one person that likes them Season 3 22 teams went Season 4 20 teams went Season 5 ? look at those numbers by season 4 when you figure up 5 beast leagues from bronze cup moving to silver cup that means season one had 24 go in season 4 could have had 39 leagues to go in because 5 best league of bronze got moved up but since the first season it's went down in numbers not up since season one. Is the extra troops the only issue no it need alof of balance and that's a starter it should be played with more of what ya earned to get going and the final days like a year ago Was deciding who won the match not day one. last how many times you seen people saying they wish golden was back? I have seen it a lot it was lacking more water but reason it was more fun was because of the good mines. ATM it takes a full week to get enough gold to lvl one troop one lvl is the upgrade system balanced? no it's far off do a avg of a good player of 100k gold per week and tell me how long in weeks or the 8 days a map last will it take to lvl up all troops can you do that for me and post it here. Is it 5 years need to be played before a avg player can lvl up all his troops? Where is the balance in that. One of the largest games that's been going over 10 years is world of Warcraft did it take them 5 years to get there toons to max with max professions there is a reason why it's been around as a monthly membership fee for more than 10 years and it hasn't went free to play for that reason. Everything takes time to make it fun and not get board from doing things too fast. But the same boardness comes from taking 2 long to get to a goal as well so balance the gold system is a must it need to be reach by the avg player not just someone willing to buy 7 lvls of a troops for 100 usd for the 700,000 game is mission balance but it's not in the troops changes that your making. Buffing jeeps and other small troops did nothing to impact the beginner player it actually helped the vet grow faster right off the bat there is some troops that willl never be used long term passed day one. Was time and effort spent on making this jeeps change that the time could have been spent to really balance the game where it's needed. Did it take away time from the chat system issue that players are upset about? Did it help moral? My last comment is the gig transport change wasn't a positive effect on the game when will all the upset players that posted here see it changed back? That's the concern that I'm seeing I havnt seen one person new or old say it was a good change. in the end we play a game that needs to be fun for a lot of people as it won't be for everyone. It is to a lot. The focus over the past year hasn't always went the players way but some has. But one thing I have seen in the past year is taking time away from a issue to make changes and fixes or realease a android version when the Apple version had more bugs that my league had oil lol. What I mean is if it was me I would focus only chat issue as I think it relates to the announcement issue and I have helped explain this on the forums and in my support help ticket. Once everyone focused on one thing finds the fix I release it ASAP to keep players seeing action and things getting done. Then I move to the next big issue and the next. Waiting for someone to reprogram troops health and make changes to the map or any other thing so you can realease 10 changes at once has hurt the game more ways than help this is why. For the past year I have seen a big update come and there was so many changes it broke a lot of stuff. By doing so ran away a lot of good players. But if the changes was kept small and no more than 2-3 at a time, it becomes easier to fix because one of those 2-3 things cause the new issue so on the drawing board you change one back to original see if it's still a problem if not change the next then the last then I found out which of the changes caused the isssue faster and I can release a fix faster. I try to give the best input I can and have always gave as much explanation as I felt needed. It might be long and it might be harder to read but its input that's posted to give you all the help I can. Ps: please tell us total number of weeks it will take us to max all troops thanks we want to see if it's balanced
  4. Ok when I see people give ideas and no admin trying to let us know our feedback was passed on or let me get the bosss to read not one person likes this change. Now everyone else please take notice they told us about lowering the health health of the transports but failed to mention they also changed its defense rating. It used to be 700 and now it's 600 same as strat bombers. I'm now going into the transport replacement now but you act as if you are letting us know what's going on but are hiding small key changes that hurt just as much as the dropping of hp. dont give comments like was they meant to take fire from turrets in real life. Well no. But now let's make it more like really life if they get shot by aa gun one time they blow up and fall to the ground. O ok I see your thoughts now. Now you see why making it real life like isn't for the best sometimes because it's still a game. And from what I see anyone that's posted above that's willing to help you by giving feedback is getting pushed to the side as if our money we spend on the game doesn't matter because my thought come with my money just as every other player that replied here so far. 1. so is hp going back to normal? 2. Is defense that you tried to hide or failed to mention going back to 700?
  5. I'm going to end this right here. King you have no idea why the top leagues other than yours boycotted season 2. It wasn't about the gems. admin asked for help to fix thing for season 2 players gave there ideas and lucky was waiting for the fix as the rest of the other top leagues was. Our ideas to improve got twisted and turned or not even considered. For that reason it was decided by all of lucky to boycott as we informed the other leagues. Since the admin did no changes that the players was looking for we didn't go into season 2. Its that simple the idea of a 10k limit was twisted to the purple idea where there is still no limit in cups. So now buy your 30 day pack and have to use your gems every 5 days or save your emails when you are at max. Was that a fix or another glitch over looked. It had nothing to do with Asians taking the win or gems they spent. It was about all the players concerns at the time wasn't fixed or improved on. is it still fixed no if it worse yes. Now you get a lot more bombers than before did that balance the cups? No it's means most hours or early start wins. Cups needs to be balanced. With 6 players getting 72 bombers and 72 fighters and all that aa. Not many leagues can stand to win vs a highly active league. Did that help lucky to give us more troops faster yes. Do I want it to be gone and not get all those free troops to hurt lucky yes. Because I feel cups need balance. They don't need to be decided on day one. It has a duration for a reason but how many of the leagues that one a round needed anything past day 2? Cup need a limit on gems to fix a issue so it's more about skill and it becomes a real turny. Cup need to stop giving out so many troops for rewards on missions to make it more fair for all leagues not just a few of the most active. Cup needs to be about growing fast expanding fast as you can with what troops you can make and using those resources to make the better troops to get better wars. If after day one a league with 10 city's has no chance to win because another team spawned hours before or they got 72 bombers and 72 fighters built faster. Don't you even agree it's unbalanced. I don't care to admit it. now the finishing note you act as if we shouldn't have boycotted, maybe you just didn't understand why we did or maybe you don't see the issues cups have and still have but gotten worse to go along with it. tell me what improvements you saw to balance cups so it's even for all and really about skill? ATM it's went down hill and some leagues still out so you said admin are listening? Are they? They didn't after week one and still havnt fixed anything in cup. the players just want a more fair turny about skill of the league I'm not speaking for myself but for most players out there when I say that. so when you come to the forums and twist the real reason. For a boycott you had no reason too. When 3 of the 4 top leagues boycott there is a reason. Maybe you didn't boycott because you didn't realize the issue the cups had and still have. Ps: if I run a game or a business or do anything to concerns my followers and backing and I see that 3 of the top 4 are trying to say something by boycotting. I'm the type to act and fix the issues at hand because I just saw player are not happy I just saw we or I in this case have a issue that needs fixed. Am I doing my job when I don't go to those top 3 to see what's the issue here, what's going on. Let me tell you this if I saw it, I would have reached out to those top leagues and seen what the real reasons was. Admin hasn't done that yet so now ya know what capt left out in his first post I explained here. Pasta felt like the players concerns was over looked at the time as well. If they told you 100+ it's a lie because 2 of the top leagues got together and did the math for what went on in season one it wasn't 100. Try seeing over 10,000 spent in first season. Did the admin take notice of us doing our math no they didn't. We got some comments back saying they looked into it and it was legit. Well I hate to say it but for 4 turnys now who can spend 10k each time? That's prob over 40k spent in 4 turnys wow, or is all these top 100 players that knows the ends and out about how to get troops in every way so wrong in our math by counting up the diamonds we seen spent. If the admin looked but just don't see anything on there side that just means they are cheating to hide it from the system or they are admin. Trying to get big players to spend more. I hope I don't get banned for that comment but it's been months now. Also lucky godz and Asians was in gold together godz got a late start in the match and came back to win a good win. Did the Asians gen out there azzzz yes they did and lucky fought them off with skill and fought with godz as well. Did we have city's left yes at this current time in these turny if it was the same set up lucky couldn't have held off one of the best leagues at the Time godz and the Asians with them. We all saw what they was able to do and saw how they spent in cups for a long time. But they never did what there doing now. Godz was in that match so they can tell you we had city's left. And I can also say at this time if it was now and it was godz and lucky same players as before then Asians would cap both our city's.
  6. No reply from a admin here maybe this was over looked months ago people don't like the way you took our idea of a 10k limit and invented the 10k purples because when you don't have purple you can replace them with diamonds. People wanted a limit in turnys not global or the other maps. Tac can't even be bought with purple people hate it and looks like to me the leagues doing silver now is lower than before look at rankings your self to see. The best way I can put it is fix this issue and others so you won't loose players. has money flow slowed down since you made this change? I know I havnt bought a 30 day until recently because of the overall purple thing. Get your money back by making the players happy listen and respond to there opinions don't look at it and not reply. The game is a year old now it's not new. Can't afford to loose players the older a game gets. Let's see some action on this post and why we are keeping purples? Also point out the names of any player that likes it? Can you think of any?
  7. Rotymir

    Login Event Volume 2!

    "99% of failures come from the chat system and announcement system" thats what we should say. i have received only days 1,5,7,8 it seen if I switch apps and go back anouncments are acting like the chat system. I have to close the app completely to see new chats if it was sent while game is open in the background but not closed. The rewards you are sending seem to be acting in the same way. It could be tied to not doing a relog in when it reloads. Shutting phone down also seems to fix this as well. announcments don't come threw or show up each of the 4 days I seen was able to claim. how do we get the rewards that we wasn't able too. i also sent a msg to 2 different admin on the game I havnt got a reply yet after days I'm wondering if they saw the msg and havnt replied or it's also part of the chat issue. I hope it isn't admin stopping communications with the players. spend time on fixing bugs first not wasting time on troop fixes. the chat bug as long as it's been known needs first attention as I think it's related with the announments issue we are having now. So once it's fixed update it player are a lot more happy when a fix is sent out ASAP not waiting for a bunch of changes. If we get one fix at a time everything is easy to figure out. If we wait for when you all change 10 things in a update and a new problem comes up. You got to look at those 10 changes to see if they caused it not the one you just released. I hope this helps
  8. There is a tactic to save as many troops as you can because you have to wait a long time to remake troops and get back into the fight. By lowering hp of big transport I don't see that as needed. Once you do things like this to where you can't draw fire to protect some troops and considering the training time it takes to make some troops and get a lot back and the low iron rubber and oil around the global map will offset the balance of remaking because you want a trans to die faster. 15% isn't much but this change wasn't needed. The other draw back is the good big fights when aa and jets trying to kill it, you just killed it and the troops inside faster also. If when a trans dies it should auto drop troops just as a airbase or army base would do. So did you help with that change no there wasn't any improvements made by the 15% lower. Don't use a trans use a strat bomber. Or you going to drop the health on them or defense so they can't draw turret fire lol. My final note is balance the games troops better so most have a good roll and not too weak vs another troop. City's is the most easiest thing to kill and cap. Last note on hp. Once you change one thing what did it effect don't look at one outcome like turret cover fire look at all the other things that troop does for big battles. I can help teach anyone of the admins about the power of each troops and show you the ropes about what to do and not to do. And what troops are too week or too strong. To make a change you have to play a lot to understand why your changing it, not just take our ideas or mine as the best option. Other troop changes seem ok. will I see more oil and rubber zones. Or changed from a 1 to a 3 type zone. Might need that since your helping to kill everyone's troops faster. We do have a limited time to play so letting that turret kill my 30 troops at the start is a nice and easy come back it won't take me half a day to try again. now for my final note on things related to troops that I have seen a issue since after the golden map. I brought it up many times and it was never considered or looked at. Why does it still cost me more gold for one lvl of a troop than I can make in 1weeks time spending 100,000 gold for 1 lvl is so unbalanced now I still want to pull my hair out. Here I will give you a screen shot. Also when it's finally fixed can I have a gold credit for it costing so much in the first place. After you see the screen shot and want to reply to my comment to go 85 lvls for a bomber is ok if gold is adjusted right. But I want the admin before replying to add up all the gold it takes to lvl every troop to max. Then divide it by how much a avg player player gets per 8 day rotation. Then reply and tell all use players how long they have to play this game to lvl all troops. I'm going to just guess right now but in 1 year I won't have bombers max and I allready have them at lvl 31. There is only 52 weeks in a year, and 8 days is longer than a week and I don't make as much good per 8 days just for one lvl so it will take me 1.5 years if I spend gold only on that troop. If I max everything I'm guessing it will take 5 years for a avg player to max his troops. Isn't that a little too long for any game? hope this helps good job on fixing the gem issue with city's. and other troop changes has been long over due. But I don't see the point in the transport change.
  9. Rotymir

    Halloween Event!

    Been busy with the family to post so here it is, one thing I remember more than Xmas was Halloween all the fun of throwing eggs at cars. And o wait I just heard that happened when I was growing up lol. But getting lots of candy was so exciting. Since the 31st one of my daughters is eating more candy than table food lol she still isn't half way done. Going from house to house meeting old friends again but most of all giving the joy to my kids as I once had growing up was so much more fun than me actually getting the candy. Enjoy the pic she sure is enjoying the candy.
  10. For our better performance 4th place finish let me see if I got this right 18,000 gems plus 180,000 gold the bonus for each weeks finish finished 2 60,000 gold 2 60,000 gold 1 75,000 gold 6 ? 30,000 gold but I'm confused he said ranking 4-10 there is only 6 leagues if that's a typo and I'm right we should get 18,000 gems and 405,000 gold?
  11. I will post our members soon
  12. Busy as a beaver but why is city count in game different from current ranking in the first match it showed us with 34 city's you got 29 only thing I can guess is you are not counting lc but the game is?
  13. I will comment later more but first I want to say we have said how much we hate the ranking system with city count. 2nd you are ranking the teams as city counts but in the game when we are fighting you are ranked by points over city's. I know this because in game we was first at one point with less city's.
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