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World Warfare
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  1. The map needs to be made a 10 man map. 6 is way to small for the map
  2. The map is great but the missions are a problem. I think that the map should be a normal map with normal missions. Make the missions not give out arms. The exp gain is crazy. Plz lower it back to normal. Killing troops should not give u arms for better troops that is just plain stupid. The map should be balanced and not just navy based. All classes should be useful in this map. Plz fix the map ASAP!!!
  3. I like switch thrust.. good map for major leagues to do head to head battles. think it be better with preset drop day/time and everyone gets their own zone per league. 6 leagues 20/20. 3 vs 3 red and blue.
  4. Add new troops to the new map. Add new maps
  5. Dawgs39

    Easter Day Event

    Watching everyone run for eggs. Dawgs39
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