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World Warfare
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  1. It wasn’t all that great kept getting ripped off of points missions resetting. The fact that if you don’t get to compete in MMR keeps you from obtaining the 33,000 points needed to complete all achievements is very unfortunate
  2. Merry Christmas got up two hour ago and started opening presents. I love seeing the smile on my kids face when she goes one by one more intrigued by the next one to what maybe inside and then she takes one and says she’s giving this to a kid she knows who didn’t get much for Christmas.😢 that right there is the best present any parents could get knowing your child is being raised right!!
  3. Why is it takes hours to build but only minutes to demo? Shouldn’t it take 3 hours to demo something it took you to build?!? But yet it takes 2 minutes!!!!! Get rid of demoing!!!
  4. I would say start adding the presidents leaders of wwII Roosevelt or Hitler I love general Patton he makes tanks more powerful
  5. Happy Halloween!! From Thewalkingdead
  6. The walking dead easter eggs hunts with my two little girls are just wonderful and to see the smile on there faces when they find a little plastic egg with candy or money is just wonderful to me because I love to see my little girls smile!!
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