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World Warfare
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  1. Hi peter I have two things to say....., First must add more additions for tanks vs flaks.. And i feel ur dev forgot that addition. Second if there something like salvo at tanks or AOE must will be interest units and i think more will change to use tanks...... And like always we looking for solve lagged and fix map more
  2. Teamwork 🕵️‍♀️ Mr.SmoKeR♨ Id:629570‪
  3. [ff000]BoiSsA ID: 629570 😊
  4. [ff000]BoiSsA ID:629570 33 tiger without tactics VS 50 Artillery with full tactics ... which one will win!!!! _🙄🙄😐
  5. [ff000]BoiSsA tiger heart for Peter and veronica,..... ID:629570 👇👇👇❤️👆👆
  6. My name : [FF0000]BoiSsA ID:629570 Fighting for survival.... ❤️👇 Pic for tiger.. Defense flower comprehensive (Open$ Closed)
  7. It was good map, just need more resources like double steel and oil and rubber, and double speed will be more fun,...... Thanks, boissa Map was bad so bad more ground troops not like what wrote,... I hope make more island and give more think like ship and ressources double, boissa
  8. If u make more village with double amounts of oil and steel will be better, like we take 2 day collect rss to make ship and this will be more boring to take long time for make some good amount of ship, but by the way it's been great map
  9. It was very nice map i like it,...
  10. It was excellent, but there's not much resources.There was only a little. You need an amendment to build ships, and so on. 😁
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