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World Warfare
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  1. Artys need a buff 😡 Lol luv the game YODA is my gamertag
  2. dont sleep on the pumpkin 😈😈
  3. It's good and all but if u join late all the ss are taken and it's over because battleship are already being made and your behind so I'm thinking it starts like cup lvl 6 city and u start from.there and on top of it I would add a new troop a ship that u can make in the lc witch could be a wasp ship witch carry helicopters and the helicopters bomb or aa idk sounds cool and the turrets are 25% stronger and more range because in this mode the ships out range the turrets and its it's kinda broke ya it's fun if u join early that's my I'd new content plus something that the community is asking for
  4. I think in this map u should only have 1 lc and 1 monument and instead of 2x speed make it 3 and make the map have a lot more water and allow ships to be able to do more and if it was up to me add a new troop just to surprise pepole and allies it should be like cup no allies and limit per team should be 10 and to make it spicy buff the rebel troops by 25% and if u really wanna do some to make a really fast paced gamemode that pepole want cut upgrade time in half and that would be a gamemode that people would want to play just because its fast paced and that's what people want just change that
  5. This is for my woman who serve like my family brandonbruce-nolkes republic
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