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World Warfare
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  1. The game is dead as it’s devs don’t care about us at all.
  2. Nah! The right way is to reduce the impact of gems as an advantage. Just make the game less pay to win.
  3. Riki


    One and half year later and the game is still full of old bugs. Can’t you keep your promises?
  4. I see they care a lot about us.
  5. Riki

    Tiger Tank Skin

    Is it a joke? A bit early before April 1st. priorities priorities
  6. Riki

    New Tactics

    I think he didn’t get it yet. Some people needs more time.
  7. Riki

    New Tactics

    Cannot agree more. Did devs ever listened to their "customers" opinions? 1. Fix the lags. You probably need to invest some bread to the game not just milking us. 2. Change your P2W model. There's a lot of successful models in the market you can learn from it don't be shy. 3. After first two steps you surely get more contributors so you also get more your lovely money.
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