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World Warfare
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  1. I have not played the game in a few months as I got bored with 1/3 full maps and either crushing the enemy or getting crushed by large groups. My ID number should tell you something about how long I have been around. I started this map yesterday for first time and Think map has some very good ideas, but needs some more thought. Smaller number of players per map is great in my opinion, with rebel city shields this does allow most people to,join and survive atleast the first day or so, even if solo, but I would like to see this map only allow tac help,from league mates not allies. This would limit the alt account use from battle support, which we all know has become standard for anyone over 3k hours in the game. Everyone uses them so let’s just admit that.. this would make alt use less attractive other than to,cap a city prior to shields expiring for rebels. Good idea here and nice to see some thought being put into the game, you all really need a publicity push tho to attract more players. I think right now you got the same 1000 or so people playing all the time and the rest of us just cannon fodder.. keep,digging and working Nice to see. Thanks for the efforts BlueMingo ID 38318
  2. Well post was made days ago and still no mod or game rep response. Guess they really don’t read this stuff
  3. Agree, I just entered a globe BF that is 30hrs OLD!!!!! That is not acceptable. How is a small league or solo player to even compete for more than the 8hr shield period when this happens? There are not enough new players coming into game to fill maps on a regular basis at a consistent time frame. Especially when there are sometime 4 different maps going at once. I am among the players that have paid for generals to enhance the game play and enjoy the game overall, but come on! This happens way too often... here is a challenge to game mods and devs.. post a reply here that you have read this and at least say you are aware of the issue. Is this being discussed?
  4. I am kinda tired of having to search random chats or topics for issue answers and believe that there should be a bug topic specific to each update. Perhaps there is and I just am not smart enough to find it, either way here goes. 1- new chat is not scaled/formatted correct for Apple iPhone or iPad, messages run off screen and often last word is cut partially off. 2- troop HP loss after researching in BF tech has NOT been fixed, It actually is worse... All troops in gigs, or aircraft in airstrip lose boosted HP every day or so. 3-often there is no alert or notice that a new message has been posted. Guess it might be better than there always being an alert even when no message... will post more issues as they come up, anyone else having same issues
  5. Lol, Compensation. Here fellas, I know u all just lost 70 troops of M40s and whirlybirds and strats, but hey accidents happen. Here is hmmmm... 500 Nice purple gems u can use which will save you 30mins of your lovely 4-5hr rebuild.. enjoy and thanks for playing...
  6. BlueMingo

    Wtf game

    Had this issue last Cup battle, and award didn't drop for awhile. Curious was the city pacified?
  7. Okay, So I bought a couple Generals. Can u make the Thanksgiving I on go away. It is really annoying that it stays on BF screen even after viewed and a purchase made. It also is a view blocker as it is not stacked in a column on right side of screen but in a row extending into battlefield line of view. Please think that one through and fix for next time. Thanks
  8. BlueMingo

    Permission help

    Okay, so for the last 3 BFs our league has had issues with permissions of members in BF. Only the CiC has been able to approve new members or decline new members. Attached is a screen shot of access denied and another of me being set as BF officer. Am I missing something or is this broke. Thanks We have also experienced issues launching new battlefields lately also where we have to change league commander in chief because after opening the form team for BF the Cic's start tab grays out. We have to ask whose is yellow and give them leader. Any suggestions or is this a known issue.
  9. I will no longer comment....lol
  10. The rules don't say this is specifically for the true fanatic and radical crap, sir it says "No insulting, racist, or obscene language". Racist is easy to identify and hard the defend, obscene again fairly easy to identify and deal with. But Insulting is not always easy to identify and people will use these new rules whenever they do t like what they read. Sorry that you seem to have been the victim in some manner previously, but my comments are meant to point out that overly broad rules, that are not defined lead to trouble. I have no issue with the punishments etc as that is clear to understand, but some comments can be interpreted differently by many people. This is a great game, but I still say it will be interesting to see how this gets enforced and what the comments are that get people in trouble. Example: I find the name "Hitler" and any variation of it Insulting to use in a game based on WWII it also is racist and everyone who has it should be ban., I also find the references in game to SS soldiers offensive and would like them changed to PU soldiers (pink unicorns).. once this starts where does it end? Maybe we need digital hand shakes and hugs after each BF also.
  11. I will be interested to see this enforced and how it works out, because these rules are very broad n scope. Some people are more sensitive than others. I agree that aggressive comms can be at times over board, but I guess telling people they are no good and should go back to playing pokeymon, could now be considered insulting and rude. Thus resulting in a ban..? I do enjoy the occasional banter with other players, so can I get a list of approved phrases or words I can use? Also let me know if this post offends anyone, as it seems the PC police have now found World Warfare Chat..
  12. Lol, chat is everyone's new "safe place"
  13. So when is the chat bug gonna get fixed? I can't post anything more than 40 characters long that doesn't error out. Really frustrating when trying to coordinate attacks and can't chat, or message post 10 mins after sent. I think some diamonds are in order for this....
  14. Tons of bugs.. And glitches in this new release.
  15. The numbers 1 though 10 are just bullet item numbers. However 3- 3-1, 5-1, 10-1 all fair odds I will roll this way every time if I could. The less losses I take the better, and it means more teamwork this would have been better said, 3: 3vs1, 5vs1, or 10vs1 are all fair odds...........
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