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World Warfare
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeRGEXtzIG8&feature=emb_title Ki̷ngH̷ax 107475
  2. The field is good but adding more speed would be nice, but otherwise the map is good! The field is good but adding more speed would be nice, but otherwise the map is good! Gorkha Blood
  3. I had problem with the game where I couldn't enter the field for some reason. I asked the contact us on Friday but they didn't reply to me. I u dears tank it's an local weeken. But on Monday I wanted every hour. It's 9:00 pm now and they haven't said single word to my problem. I feel like they don't care about our problems in the game and not trying to fix it. But please don't do that. This is an great game. You namaste lot of money in this game if you help the people with there game issue. Please help me with this issue. My BF id is 1104675. ~ Gorkha Blood
  4. I can't post pic cuz I couldn't play had some issue with the game and now it's closed
  5. I wanted to play the new map crisis and I joined but when I clicked enter the BF it said I cannot join this BF. Then I click go to main screen IT SHOWS THE SAME THING. Join the BF and if you click it it will say can't join. THE CYCLE REPEATS. PLEASE FIX THIS I WANT TO PLAY WITH MY FRIENDSHIP now I cannot play anymore. BF ID 1104675. Kick me out of the BF it say I am in but can't get in. Please I don't want to be in that BF anymore kick me out. ~ Gorkha Blood
  6. You can make speed x2 or x3 to make it unique and that will make players happy as well. Also deleat some troop that guard the rss and add tanks like super tanks its fine. B/C m40 and tank destroys are too tough. You can also add troops limit, which troop you are allowed to use. And dont let alt join the map like in the cup. You can limit the alliance like lc. And fix bugs. Thats all i have Hehe 😎😎😀. -Gorkha Blood
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