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World Warfare
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  1. I am having dinner in my grandparents house for Passover happy easter or Passover from mastergreyden
  2. Now THE SERVERS ARE DOWN WOW LOOK LETS SEE HOW LONG IT TAKES FOR THEM TO GO ON AND WHEN THEY DO (IF THEY DO IT LOL) WILL IT BE LAGGY And they spend time on skins such a great game with such failures. Fix them and compansate US
  3. Look at all the comments I agree entirely with all u even Cody lol I think that the lags need to be fixed what good are these updates things we care about u should be considering or doing lags packs new troops stuff like that NOT STUPID SKINS I CANT EVEN SEE MY OWN TROOPS HALF THE TIME. You should be fixing that not making skins
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