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World Warfare
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  1. How my dog gets excersize after ive had a huge christmas lunch, still counts 🤣😂 https://youtu.be/sWvjH-vONro Pooperstar 806056
  2. Love world warefare? ID 806056 Player name, pooperstar
  3. So it would be good if you guys could introduce an armament queue to help keep ppl ticking along when they are away at work like with the building queue you can pay 300 diamonds to unlock for a day. Now i know guys you are thinking but we can already produce and build our units using a queue, but that is not exactly what i mean. What i am proposing is like with the build queue that keeps you ticking along while away, i think a good addition would be an unlock that auto starts building your produced units at an army/naval or air base as soon as they are produced at the munition factory automat
  4. 1 picture = a thousand words
  5. You guys need to make a standalone version of this game that plays at the speed of a command and conqer game including building dmgs and things like that it would be a game id pay for, this game is great but it favours ppl who can be on for huge chunks of time, it really sucks putting in some hours on the weekend only to find myself dead after work when i can finally check it monday after work, lets speed up game and dmgs to make it play like a command and conquer or make a completely differnt modern version and do that it would be awesome for us players who are older and have commitments, i m
  6. You guys need to make a paid version of this game that runs at a much faster speed, somthing like a command and conquer type thing, if you did im sure you would be onto a winner also a version like this but with modern technology would also be good for a world warfare 2. Hope these can happen oneday i know id be looking forward to trying them and id even pay no worries
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